Jakarta, 13 Muharram/26 November 2012 (MINA) – Ehud Barak’s resignation from his position as Israeli Defence Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Monday,  is seen as an act directly related to the failure of the implementation of  his military policy toward Gaza last week.


    “This is a failure of Israel for the eight days attacks on Gaza. Barak was unsuccessful in his policy on Gaza strikes,” said Al Muzammil Yusuf,  a member  of Commission I of the House of Representatives, in a statement to Mi’raj News Agency (MINA), Monday.


     Muzammil said Barak’s resignation is another form of victory for Hamas fighters in Gaza, following Israel’s willingness to sign a ceasefire agreement with the Palestinians on 21 November.


     “This is a victory for Hamas and Gaza fighters, because it makes Israel internally divided and finally drives  Barak to resign over his failure to attack Gaza,” said Muzammil, a House member from the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS).


     Ehud Barak, who led  the Labor Party until January 2011 when he accepted an offer to become Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s  cabinet, announced his resignation from his post in a press conference at his office in Tel Aviv on Monday, as reported by MINA correspondent in Gaza.


     Barak explained his resignation will be effective once a new government is formed in Israel after elections in 2013. But he tendered his resignation less than a week after Israel had agreed to a ceasefire with the Palestinians on 21 November.


    Barak’s resignation was submitted after the failure in an eight-day military operation in Gaza that  killed 164 civilians, wounded  at least 1300 Gazans, mostly women, children and  elderly people. On the Israeli side,  19 people  were killed, 10 of whom were soldiers. (T.R-20/R-05/R03/R-006).

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