Foto : Insan Faizin Mubarak

     Semarang, Central Java, 4 Muharram 1434 Hegira/18 November 2012 (MINA) – Hundreds of youth rallied in Semarang’s Simpang Lima Square on Sunday,  protesting the attacks by the Israeli military in the Gaza Strip.

     “We represent thousands of young people in Central Java. This protest is to show our solidarity with the Palestinian people. They are suffering because of Israeli attacks in the past week, “Ahmadi told MINA when he led protests of hundreds of local youth.

     Ahmadi is the coordinator of the Network of  Mosque Youth & Teenage-Indonesia (JPRMI) Central Java, that staged the protest. In Central Java Province, JPRMI is represented in 22 local cities, consisting of thousands of young people with their one focus of attention is the question of Palestine.

     Ahmadi said that up to Saturday night (17 November 2012) there have been  about 40 Gazans   killed and nearly 400 injured. “We call the attention of the Government of Indonesia to be even harder to pressure Israel through the UN,  to immediately halt its attacks on Gaza,” he said.

     The youth and teenagers with head-bands  carrying large banners that read  “Prayer for Gaza.”  After touring around Simpang Lima area, a number of protest leaders gave speeches.

     “Palestinians are victims of Israeli injustice. Destroy, destroy Israel! Destroy Israel, “Ahmadi said in his time to speak before the protestors.

     The peaceful protests then ended with prayers for the people of Palestine, especially in Gaza who are being targeted by Israeli air strikes, so that Allah will give them salvation, strength and fortitude. (R-003).


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