Haniyeh: We Are Facing A New Phase of Conflict With Israel

     Gaza, 15 Muharram 1434/29 November 2012 (Qassam/MINA)  – The Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said that Palestine and the resistance are facing a new phase of the conflict with Israel, which has started since the eight day battle.

     Haniyeh said, on Tuesday during a ceremony honoring the families of the martyrs killed during the “Shale stones” battle in Gaza, “This stage forms a turning point from the stage of preparation and development to the stage of defending and liberating the land and Jerusalem.”

      Haniyeh pointed out that this battle constituted a starting base for the Palestinians towards defeating the occupier and liberating all Palestine, including Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem.

     Gaza’s Premier stressed that the Palestinian people has embraced the resistance as it is the only strategic choice to liberate the land, adding that the will of the people and its ability to challenge has been much greater than all the occupation’s expectations.

     Haniyeh also called all the Palestinian factions to trust in each other, to put aside the differences and support the resistance.

     He emphasized the need for developing a unified strategy for the resistance, and holding on in order to be able to accomplish a lot of victories for the Palestinian people.

    The Hamas leader pointed out that his movement had received members of the Revolutionary Council of Fatah movement from the West Bank, noting that: “the West Bank will form the center of the decisive battle against the occupation given its history, geography and closeness to the occupied cities by the enemy.”

     The Prime Minister also stressed that the resignation of “the tyrant” Ehud Barack represent one of the victories achieved by the resistance during the last battle.

     He also praised the role of the Arab Spring countries, particularly Egypt and its President Mohamed Morsi, in supporting the Strip in confronting the Israeli aggression. (T/R22/R-006)

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