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      Jakarta, 11 Muharram 1434/25 November 2012 (MINA) – Indonesia may have a significant role in the Israeli-Palestinian peace, according to Nurhayati Ali Assegaf,  member of Commission I of the Indonesian House of Representative (DPR-RI).
   “Indonesia can be a precursor to contribute to the peace between Israel and the Palestinians because Indonesia already has a lot of experience multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic issues,” said Assegaf on the sidelines of the 4th World Peace Forum (WPF) in Bogor, West Java, on Saturday (25/11).

     The 4thWPF is organized by Mumahmmadiyah with the theme ‘Consolidating Multicultural Democracy’ (Multicultural Democracy Consolidation) in Bogor, West Java. This yearly event is attended by at least 50  world figures and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict  is one of the hot topics being discussed.
        Muhammadiyah organized the event in collaboration with the Cheng Ho Multi Culture Trust of Malaysia, and the Centre for Dialogue and Cooperation among Civilisations (CDCC).
     Assegaf believed with the experience Indonesia has previously accumululated,  Indonesia would be able to win the world’s trust as one of  key mediators in the peace process in the Middle East. Within the last 10 years, Indonesia has been able to bring peace to many internal hot spots  in the country devastated by sectarian conflicts.
        Assegaf, who is chairperson of  ruling Democratic Party faction in the DPR, said she was optimistic with the holding of the World Peace Forum as a venue for uniting various differences across countries, because this forum attended by so many leaders of different religions, races and cultures from 21 countries with special attention to world peace.
 Meanwhile, the proceedings of the forum since the first day of the event were marked with the Palestinian issues with some key speakers had brought about the issue in their speech.
      Issues Palestine-Israel conflict emerged even in  the opening speech delivered by Din Syamsuddin, Muhammadiyah chairman. The issue was  then discussed in the first session of  forum under the theme of Identity and Democracy; Respecting Identity in a Multicultural Society.
    “Whenever we hold World Peace Forum, always the violence or human tragedy in Palestine as accompaniments. However it is a coincidence, because this forum was designed long ago. This is a momentum to help find a solution to the various problems that occur in the world,” Syamsuddin said.
      Syamsuddin said the forum was not specifically held to address the Israeli-Palestinian issue though it was raised in a special session. But because WPF theme this time is so multicultural democracy, thus it is being hotly discussed issue.  “We maybe not spesicifically discussed the Gaza conflict, as it is not bilateral.”
     Similar ideas was delivered by the chairman of the committee of the 4th World Peace Forum , Dr Riefqi Muna who said that world figures attending the forum had showed concerens over the conflict in the Middle East, especially when a cease fire had just achieved between the Palestinian dan Israeli governments.
    “They are very concerned to see the peace process in Gaza, because of course we see a peaceful solution there is no word bargain. Specifically, we did not make the forum (about the Gaza conflict), but discussion of this emerging  as the Palestinian conflict than the Rohingya,” said Riefqi .
    The 4thWPF,  attended by participants from 21 countries, including among others, America, Australia, England, Italy, Sudan, Malaysia, Morocco, Japan and China, is scheduled to be closed by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Sunday. (R-010/R-012/R-006/R-005/R-003).

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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