Tentara Israel sedang mengisi ulang battery Iron Dome

2012-11-18, 11:12:12

Gaza, 04 Muharram/18 November (MINA/Press TV) – Israel deploys a fifth Iron Dome battery in Tel Aviv and Gush Dan as the missile shield has failed to intercept two-thirds of missiles fired from Gaza Strip in retaliation for Israeli attacks.

The new Iron Dome battery “was deployed in the Tel Aviv area on Saturday, two months ahead of schedule,” Haaretznewspaper reported. 

“The battery is estimated to have higher interception abilities than the previous four systems already in use, and includes an improved radar and upgraded interception software, enabling the protection of a larger radius,” it claimed.

Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak would also demand the cabinet to approve a fund of 750 million shekels ($190 million) for expanding the Iron Dome program.

The report came as Israel’s missile defense system has so far been able to intercept only 210 of 650 missiles fired from the Gaza Strip into the occupied lands.

The new wave of Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip has claimed at least 41 lives since November 14. (DB/AZ/R-010)

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