Protests Against Morsi’s Decree Sweep Across Egyptian Governorates


     Cairo, 14 Muharram 1434/28 November 2012 (EgyptInd/MINA) -Violent clashes erupted Tuesday night between members of Opposition groups and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party members in the labor activist stronghold of Mahalla.

    Eyewitnesses said that clashes in the city, located in the Gharbiya Governorate in the Nile Delta, began when protesters against President Mohamed Morsi’s new constitutional declaration hurled stones and Molotov cocktails at Brotherhood and FJP offices in the city.

    Dozens were injured when fighting escalated, with both sides using sticks and bladed weapons.

    Citizens in several governorates took to the streets Tuesday to protest Morsy’s declaration granting himself broad powers and immunizing the Constituent Assembly and Shura Council from being dissolved. The Muslim Brotherhood had called for simultaneous protests in Cairo and governorates to support Morsi, but postponed the Cairo protests while saying its members would protest in other parts of Egypt.

    In Sharqiya, hundreds of different political parties’ members staged a protest outside the governorate’s headquarters in Zagazig City to protest the constitutional declaration. They raised banners demanding its cancellation.

    A number of Sharqiya residents headed to Tahrir Square to participate in the massive protest there.

    Muslim Brotherhood members formed human chains to secure all group and FJP headquarters against attacks in different governorates.

    A state of calm prevailed in Qalyubiya. The Constitution Party, the Karama Party, the Tagammu Party, the Social Democratic Party, the Free Egyptians Party and the April 6 Youth Movement traveled from the governorate to take part in the Tahrir protests, activist Mohamed Abbas said. 

    An FJP member in Qalyubiya, Ahmed Mahmoud, said members of the party and the Brotherhood had been instructed to carry out their work normally within their headquarters and avoid clashes with protesters, stressing that protests are a right as long as they do not harm others. 

    Thousands gathered in the Manshiya area of downtown Alexandria decrying Morsy’s decree and are planning to join another march that will converge in the Smouha area. Meanwhile, thousands of Morsi supporters gathered at Al-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque. 

    Hundreds of youth from different Opposition groups and movements marches the streets of Kafr al-Sheikh City rejecting the new constitutional declaration. State-run MENA news agency said that the protesters chanted anti-Brotherhood slogans.

    In Mansoura, the capital of Daqahlia Governorate, university students staged protests inside the campus against the decree. They demanded the cancellation of the new constitutional declaration and the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly.

    In Suez, hundreds of revolutionary groups and political parties’ members protested at Arbaaen square against Morsy’s decisions.

    Political parties in Aswan had announced that they would stage protests, including the Social Democratic Party, the Constitution Party, the Socialist Popular Alliance Party, and the Revolutionary Socialists movement.

    In Damietta, dozens of protesters marched the streets of the city before a planned protest in Saa Square demanding that Morsy rescind the new constitutional declaration.

    Protests in Beni Suef had smaller numbers, with university students taking part.

    The Wafd Party organized a protest in Fayoum, and representatives from some other parties joined. (T/R-22/R-006)

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