The Zionists “Operation Pillar of Cloud” Seriously Damages Israeli Tourism


     Nazareth , Gaza, 14 Muharram 1434/28 November 2012 (Qassam/MINA) –  Occupied Jerusalem – An Israeli financial magazine, published in “Tel Aviv”, reported that Israel’s tourism has been significantly affected by the recent military aggression on the Gaza Strip.

    The Israeli “The Marker” magazine stated, in its recent editions, that the recent aggression waged by the Israeli army against the Gaza Strip and which lasted for eight consecutive days has affected all the cities in the Palestinian 1948-occupied territories, including Tel Aviv and occupied Jerusalem.

    The magazine reported that the aggression has seriously damaged and caused heavy losses in the tourism sector in the occupied Palestine, noting that 20 percent of the reservations for tourist trips, which had been scheduled to take place in the occupied territories, have been canceled during the military operation.

    Meanwhile, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism pointed out that it has launched works of restoration and repair of the damage which affected tourist sites, especially those located in the southern regions of the 1948-occpied territories.

    Official data issued by the Israeli Hotel Association pointed out to the extent of the financial damage affecting the hotels, during the aggression on the Gaza Strip, and which exceeds half a billion U.S. dollar (about 518 million U.S. dollars).

    For his part; the head Hotel Association Ami Federman called for launching an urgent marketing campaign in order to encourage the tourists to visit Israel. (T/R-022/R-006)

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