Usury Becomes World’s Attention


Jakarta, 27 Dhul hijja 1433/11 November 2012 (MINA) – Riba Free Economy (RIFCON) one of world’s institutions that pays special attention on riba (usury) in Malaysia will hold 3rd Annual World Conference on Riba (AWCR), 26-27 November in Kuala Lumpur, making usury becomes world’s attention again.

 A number of Islamic economists consider this seminar is important event to open world’s eyes on how bad the usury based economic system is. One of these ecnomists is Dr. Abdul Halim bin Abdul Hamid, an Islamic  shariah expert from Multimedia University in Kuala Lumpur.

 “People don’t know well that the usury based economic system is very bad. Insha Allah, the seminar would open their eyes on how corrupt usury system that will lead to the economic destruction,” he told MINA news agency reporter in a long distant telephone interview from Jakarta, Sunday.

 Abdul Halim really is optimistic that Islamic economy will go forward if dinar (gold) and dirham (silver) are more widely used as the main currencies.

 Meanwhile in Jakarta, Abdul Hakim,  a member of House of Representatives from PKS   faction welcomes the adoption and implementation of Islamic shariah economic system  in some countries. “Islamic values are universal in essence, anyone who applies it will  definitely get the advantage.  Allah is the most justice and Wise,” he said.

 The annual event will be attended by world leaders such as Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (former Malaysian Prime Minister), Hugo Salinas Price (Mexican billionaire), Ellen H. Brown (president of the Public Banking Institute, USA), and Imam Afroz Ali (Sydney, Australia).

 The first conference was held on November 2010 and the second was in July 2011. The institute is particularly concerned about the usury which has become the source of poverty in the world.

 “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” RIFCON said in an innitial  statement after its establishment. This institution knows that usury is the core of all the economic problems in the world today that imprisons and enslaves mankind through trickery social, political, economic, and financial systems. (T / RH / TR / HSH)


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