Zionist Settlers Damage Vehicles in Jerusalem

Jerusalem, 20 Dhul Hijja 1433/ 5 November 2012 (WAFA/MINA) – A group of Israeli settlers Sunday sprayed anti-Palestinians graffiti on six cars that belongs to Palestinians from Shufat camp north of Jerusalem, said witnesses. 

They said that a group of settlers sprayed racist graffiti such as “Price tag,” and “Ma’aleh Hazeetim;” the name of the settlement in Ras al-Amud from which a settler was stabbed two days ago.

Faris Amer, one of the damaged cars’ owners, told WAFA that the three vehicles, which tires were also slashed, belong to three Muslims and three Christian families.

He said that the cars’ owners intend to file a lawsuit against those involved in the assault. (HM/J-006)

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