Gaza, 18 Muharram 1434/02 December 2012 (MINA) – In its monthly report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Ahrar Center for human rights and prisoners studies found that there were 621 abducted cases across West Bank and Gaza strip.

      Fuad al-Khuffash the director of Ahrar center said that 15 cases were from Gaza strip and the rest 606 were from West Bank, according to Al-Qassam official media report received by Mi’raj News Agency (MINA).

      Israeli occupation forces detained 6 MPs cross West Bank and tens of angry demonstrators against the war in Gaza.

    “Some cases were released or still under investigation, others became under Administrative Detentions” al-Khuffash added.

     In November the highest numbers of detainees were from Nablus. According to Ahrar Center there were (112) detention cases were in Nablus.

     Army arrested 5 women in November cross West Bank identified as: Ayah Hjair, Nada Awad, 55 years old and Sherin Halahleh who were released after being under hard investigation while Nawal alsa’di and Muna Qa’dan still in prisons till moment.

      The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) violations of human rights in the occupied territories of Palestine include (103) Detention cases in Hebron, (49) cases in Jenin, (58) cases in Ramallah, (94) cases in Bethlehem, (7) cases in Salfeet, (21) cases in Tubas, (2) Jericho and (15) cases in Gaza including fishermen.

      In comparing between November and October there were an increase in Captives numbers. In October it was (292) abducted cases.

      Fuad al-Khuffash said that Israeli occupation forces seize West Bank in the morning and night; raid houses after midnight terrorize kids.

      Ahrar Center calls on all human rights organization to stop Israeli violations against Palestinians. (T/R-022/R-006)

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