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     Cairo, 18 Muharram 1434/1 December 2012 (Egypt Independent/MINA) – Dozens of buses carrying thousands of Morsi supporters from the Delta Governorates gathered in the city of Qalyub in Qalubiya Governorate to participate in the mass demonstration in support of President Mohamed Morsi and his 22 November Constitutional Declaration.

     A large numbers of buses parked by mosques on the Agricultural Road at the entrances to Cairo, leading to traffic backup near the entrance to the ring road, while large numbers of the supporters got off of buses and headed toward mosques while waiting for the rest of the buses to arrive, according to weekly newspaper Egypt Independent on Saturday.
     At the same time, Amr Said Shaher, the official spokesperson for the Moqawma (resistance} movement, said that more than eight movements and political parties, including the Revolutionary Socialists, Kefaya, and April 6 Youth Movement, the Constitution Party, the Egyptian Social Democratic Party and the People’s Alliance Party, all canceled student marches from Cairo University to Tahrir Square in protest to the Constitutional Declaration.
     According to Shaher, the marches were originally schedule to leave the university at 2 pm but were canceled for fear of clashes between the marchers and pro-Morsi supporters.
     Hundreds of supporters had earlier began arriving in front of the Renaissance Statue in Giza, next to Cairo University, for the demonstration.
     Islamist parties and political forces organized the demonstration, which they dubbed “legitimacy and Sharia,” and participants displayed various signs and banners supporting the president’s recent decision granting himself broad powers.
     Dozens of buses carrying Muslim Brotherhood members from other governorates arrived at the university. The supporters held signs expressing their support for the decisions of the President, including, “The Muslim Brotherhood supports the decisions of the President,” “People of Beni Suef support President Morsi,” “People of Fayoum support the president” and “The people support the decisions of the president.”
     The supporters also chanted, “Islamist [state] everywhere,” “Islamist [state], against injustice and tyranny,” and “God is great, people [support] the decisions of the president.”
     The supporters built a platform in front of the main gate of Cairo University and another next to it, while groups of young people acting as security and wearing neon vests fanned out around the edges of the demonstration to protect participants and direct traffic, which was moving at normal speed at the time of reporting.
     The pro-Morsi protests were originally to be held in Tahrir Square, which was the scene of massive anti-Morsi demonstrations on Friday, but according to the Brotherhood organizers changed the location to avoid a confrontation.
     Tens of thousands of protesters had marched to Tahrir Friday, calling for the dissolution of the Islamist-dominated Constituent Assembly that approved the draft constitution earlier in the day, and condemning “dictatorial Morsi”. Anti-Morsi protesters gathered again in Tahrir Square early on Saturday.
     Meanwhile, the Agriculture Ministry decided on Saturday to shut down the Giza Zoo, the main gate of which is located in front of the Renaissance Statue, due to the demonstrations.
     Official sources at the General Authority for Veterinary Services said that 13 Central Security vehicles and a fire truck were asked to protect the animals and historical trees from any attempts to storm the zoo. The zoo will open its gates to visitors again on Sunday.(T/R0-10/R-002).

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