Beijing,  24 Muharram/8 December (MINA)  – Islamic Association of China has expressed  interest in learning the systems and management of halal certification run by Indonesia


       The interest  was conveyed by China Islamic Association Vice-Chairman, Mustafa Yang Zhibo, when received Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) Deputy Chairman  Hajriyanto Tohari in Beijing, Monday (Dec. 3),  according to  Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI)’s halal certification agency’s information made available to Mi’raj News Agency (MINA),  in Jakarta, on Saturday.


       Mustafa Yang Zhibo said Indonesia has had good halal certification system and management. “The system and management of halal certification in Indonesia has been very good and we want to learn it … although the Muslim community in China is not big,” he said


      Mustafa added the Muslim community relations between China and Indonesia  is growing  due to the strong bilateral relations between the two countries. “There has been a lot of benefits for  the Muslim communities of both countries, and even the benefits for both countries in general,” he said.


      He said China is eager to learn the system and management of halal certification managed by Indonesia. “Indonesia has good systems, standards, and management in processing halal certification. And it has been recognized by many parties. Therefore we would like to learn more about the halal certification,” Mustafa added.


      Mustafa went on to say , the Islamic Association of China is also ready to cooperate in more various fields with Indonesian Muslim community as it has been implemented so far, especially with the MUI and other Islamic organizations in Indonesia.


      As the second largest Muslim country in the world, Indonesia has a comprehensive knowledge of Islam including the halal certification, hajj and others. Therefore, more extensive cooperation between Muslim communities and institutions of both countries is very important,” Mustafa noted.


      After launching Indonesian Halal Standards which has been recognized worldwide, now MUI’s Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Assesment Institute (LPPOM) has also built Halal Certification System Online. LPPOM has 34 representative offices at provincial levels throughout Indonesia. (L/R-003/R-006).

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