Jakarta, 24 Muharram 1434/8 December 2012 9 (MINA) – Indonesia has voiced its support of  the reformation and restructuring process of Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC).


     “Indonesia is always present, from the early days of OIC and through many important milestones that mark the struggle and transformation of OIC as a multilateral organization,” Indonesian Vice-President Dr. Boediono said, here, Tuesday, in an opening address of the 4th OIC Ministerial Conference on the role of Women in Development, in Jakarta, on 4-6 December 2012.


     At least 170 delegates representing 42 out of the total 56 OIC members,  representatives of OIC subsidiary bodies, observers and other guests participate in this biannual conference, hosted by the Indonesian Ministry of  Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection.


     The OIC biannual women forum is attended by OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu     and UN Under-Secretary General/Executive Director of UN-Women,  Mrs. Michelle Bachelet, former Chilean President from 2006 to 2010. 


      Dr. Boediono said  within the global context, he added, OIC has always been uniquely positioned, representing no less than 1.5 billion of the world’s population, three of OIC member states are part of the G-20. 


      At present, the OIC remains the only intergovernmental organization representing the Muslim world whose membership covers four different regions of the world. “With such credentials, OIC hold promises to contribute more to the world, in representing the voice of the Ummah on all matters of their interest,” he pointed out.

      Boediono went on to say that Indonesia believes that to contribute constructively and to take greater role in the world stage, OIC member states should strengthen their foundation and empower their people, including women which constitute more than half of the potentials and half of the promises.


      The adoption of OIC Ten-Year Program of Action in 2005 and OIC Charter in 2008 has charted a new path for OIC to enhance its relevance to its members, to the world at large, and to contribute for solutions to crisis and challenges facing the Muslim world.

      Indonesia is also heartened that within this larger picture lay an increased commitment to observe the implementation of human rights, as a pillar of OIC’s values. To promote human rights in the member states and in accordance to the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam, the OIC Independent and Permanent Commission on Human Rights and the OIC Women’s Development Organization were established. 

      In addition, the establishment of the Ministerial Conference on the Role of Women in Development in OIC Member States has formed a parallel and mutually reinforcing process within OIC to promote and improve the status of women.


      Since 2006, this Ministerial Conference has served as a regular forum for the OIC Member States to exchange view and share experience and to prepare common strategies, standards, programs and goals to promote and strengthen the role of women in development of OIC member states.

       The Conference is convened every two year with the previous conferences had taken place in Turkey, Egypt and Islamic Republic of Iran. The theme of the 4th conference is “Strengthening Women’s Participation and Roles in Economic Development in OIC Member States”.


       Member states will share their views on the role and participation of women in economic development and review the progress on the implementation of the OIC Plan of Action for the Advancement of Women (OPAAW)  adopted in Cairo in 2008.  (L/R-009/R-010/R-005/R-03/R-006).

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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