Jakarta, 6 Safar 1434/19 December 2012 (MINA) – The chairman House of Representatives Dr. Marzuki Alie has said Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA) is the only news agency in Indonesia which is based on Islam.
     “MINA is launched with a clear ideology in the context of telling the truth although it is bitter,” Dr. Alie said when he inaugurated MINA in a grand launching ceremony, here, Tuesday, with the presence of some ambassadors of Islamic countries and Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry’s Director General of Information and Public Diplomacy, Abdurrahman Muhammad Fachir.
     He said MINA is very important not only internationally with its mission to support the Palestinian struggle for freeing and liberating Al-Aqsa Mosque, but also at home for supporting the truth in order to provide objective information to the public if MINA plays its function well.

    Dr. Alie expressed his appreciation of the managers and founders of MINA for creating balanced and truthful reporting. “MINA should stand on its own without any partiality in a group,” he said.
     Recently, according Marzuki a lot of media restricted by the interests of the owner, so that the various interests come to the media. Especially when the owners are active in politics and their personal interests would drive them to bring down each other.
     In his opening speech, the House speaker also revealed his intention to adopt a child of Palestinian military commander who had been killed by Israel military during its recent agression on Gaza.
     He also disclosed his experience during a visit to Gaza Strip early December in his capacity as the President of The Parliamentary Union of Islamic Countries (PUIC). The condition in Gaza lately has been better compared to his first visist in 2010 when Israel had imposed a blockade on Gaza.
      “The condition was just like a dead town. Now life has been running well even though Israel still launching attacks on Gaza,” he said.
     Marzuki also said during his recent visit to Gaza he had handover a fund he had personally collected from friends and collagues, including Vice President Boediono. The money raised amounting to US$233,000 dollars.
     Closing his speech, Marzuki expected to MINA to play role in the liberation of Palestine, so the Palestinians can get full status as a member state in the United Nations (L/R-010/R-007/R-006/R-009/R-03/R-006).

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