Occupation Depraves Palestinian University Students from Finishing their Study

     Nablus, 13 Shafar 1434/25 December 2012 (AlQassam/MINA) – For more than 10 years Abd- Rahman Shtiye could not complete his study because of the frequent arrests. However; The Israelis could not kill his love and spirit.


    Such as all his colleagues at prison and university Abd –Rahman insists on his way leaving no space for despair or stepping back. They believe in their cause and their right to live and get education.


    The Palestinian students depend on God to help them. They had never feared the occupation or the mean traitors. They have chosen to be faithful to their people and land till the day of their freedom and victory.


    Abd-Rahman Shtiya 28 years old, from the village of Salem -east of Nablus, a student at Najah National University, majoring in Civil Engineering, entered the university since 2003 and till now is not able to graduate because of the continuing arrests by the occupation forces, Abd-Rahman, Palestinian young man, who is loved by all who knew him, the young man whose beautiful voice reciting Quran used to fill the mosque with a great serenity.


    Abd-Rahman was raised upon the Islamic morals. He had memorized and kept the holy Quran in his heart since childhood, which has become his soul mate that helps him and gives him strength, patience and endurance to face his enemies and to survive despite all obstacles.


    He was arrested for the first time during his study on the 7, December, 2003 when he was sentenced for 7 months. He was rearrested on 16/12/2007 for 9 months, so he had to change his specialization to another one. The third and hope the last time was on 15/2/2012, but till now he was not sentenced as the Israelis keep on delaying the court sessions under security pretexts.


    His mother said to Ahrar Center: “the Israelis are trying to prevent our sons from the right to education by arresting them frequently during their study, as what is happening with Abd-Rahman who had to change him major study from computer engineering to civil engineering after he missed the exams being in his prison; moreover, they tend to delay his court sessions after accusing him with new accusations every time.


    The mother continues:” I visited Abd-Rahman only once each couple of weeks to see him for half an hour from behind the glass which is definitely not enough to calm my longing to take him between my arms. Not to mention the long journey from the early morning between Israeli barriers and the frequent and insulting inspection all the way to the prisons.


    Regarding his family, Abd-Rahman’s mother adds that her husband is forbidden from visiting his son under security pretexts. His brothers are not in a better situation, whenever they get the chance to visit him the Israelis tear their permit to prevent them from visiting him again.


    The mother also added that the family misses  Abd-Rahman presence every night especially on family occasions such as his brother’s engagement party and so on, but she also confirms that he keeps his high spirit and regrets nothing he has done to serve his religion and people.


    Fuad Khuffash, Ahrar’s Center Director, says that the Occupation forces deliberately arrest university students and union activists to prevent them from finishing their studies assuring that there are hundreds of students in prisons, many of them are locked under the pretext of Administrative Detention.


Relatives stage solidarity sit-in with hunger striking prisoners


     Dozens of relatives of prisoners staged a sit-in before the UN Nablus office on Monday in solidarity with hunger striking prisoners in Israeli occupation jails. Participants in the rally chanted slogans demanding freedom for the prisoners especially those on hunger strike.


    Speakers called for supporting the prisoners and for exposing the maltreatment they are exposed at the hands of Israeli jailors.


    The mother of prisoner Mohammed Al-Taj asked the international community and all free people of the world to intervene and save the life of her son who is facing death in Israeli jails due to medical neglect.


    A memo in the name of the national committee to support prisoners in Nablus was handed to the UN office asking the international organization to immediately pressure Israel into releasing all hunger striking prisoners, the sick, and the children held in its prisons. (T/R-022/R-006)


 Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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