Cairo, 18 Muharram 1434/2 December 2012 (MINA)  – The demonstrators  supporting Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi  still refrain from dealing directly with those against the President,   especially in Tahrir Square in order to avoid violent clashes and the emergence of military power.

        “The pro-Morsi  demonstrators still refrain from dealing directly with the  anti-Morsi ones in order to avoid violent clashes. If violence occurs, pro Morsi  seem to be worried about the emergence of the military power, ” Mi’raj News Agency (MINA) correspondent Dani Noveri reported from Cairo,  Friday  (Saturday night, Jakarta local time).

        According to  the MINA correspondent, Freedom and Justice Party as the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood,  recently stated  the power of Islam, national, and revolutionary will take to the streets in support of sharia based government and head of state elected by the people on Saturday night numbering to some 2.0 million people.

         The pro-Morsi  mass will mainly gather at  the Cairo University and the Presidential Palace in Cairo, as well as in the fields of Masjid Umar Mukarram in the province of Assiut, and in Sohag, Qena, Asor, Aswan, Red Sea and New Valley Province.

        Meanwhile, anti-Morsi demonstrators are still congregating at  Tahrir Square in the heart of Cairo until Saturday afternoon. They opposed  the declaration of the constitution and had vowed to overthrow the Morsi’s government to that effect.

        The demonstrators have closed the entrance to Tahrir Square with barbed wire and iron barriers and  asked everyone coming in to produce their  identity cards.


Anti-Morsi Demonstrators paid by Anti-Morsi Political figures

        “Anti-Morsi demonstrators primarily from liberals and socialists as well as the elements of pro-former President Hosni Mubarak. There are also reports  revealing  many of demonstrators got paid from  anti-Morsi figures. They are mostly  jobless and the less educated  people, ” Dani said.

        MINA correspondent in Cairo also mentioned that content of Declaration issued by Morsi among others are the need to conduct an investigation and the suspect in the murder of demonstrators on January 25, 2011. The purpose of the investigation is to preserve the revolution and laws.

        Another article mentions, the Declaration of the Constitution, laws and decree by the Presidens are absolute until a new constitution and the election of a new parliament. Declaration of the Constitution, Laws, and the decree are not inviolable and canceled in any way.

     Furthermore, the Attorney General  is appointed according to the decree of  the President  for a 4-year term  after being elected. Then the changing of the clause “the time for  the establishment of Egypt new constitution is valid for eight months since the enactment,” and “validity of a new constitution-making project is six months since the establisment of the constitution.”

        It also mentioned, Shura Council  cannot  be dissolved by any judiciary. The same applies with the constituent assembly.

         In emergency situation, when there is concern  over  threats to the revolution of January 25, the life of people, and national unity or any threat to the state institutions, the President has the right to make policy to face of such threats.

        The Declaration of constitution contained in state official documents and will be implemented since issuance.

       The Declaration of Constitution is one step to keep the revolution from those trying  to exploit the situation and hiding behind the institutions of the state, in addition to protecting the work of the Constituent Assembly from judicial oversight, according to MINA correspondent in Cairo. (L/R-022/R-02/R-09/R-03/R-006).

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