Cairo, 4 Shafar 1434/17 December 2012 (MINA) – Some of the denser population in rural areas, as in Assiut, were predominantly leaning toward voting “yes” on the draft constitution in hopes that this would mean stability in Egypt.


       A few hours later, initial results showed that the “yes” voters were indeed the majority, totaling 76 percent, versus 24 percent for the “no” camp, according to Egypt Independent report received by Mi’raj News Agency (MINA), Monday morning.


       While numerous voters Egypt Independent spoke to at polling stations rejected the constitution, the majority gave it their approval, with Assiut coming in third place in “yes” votes, after North Sinai at 82.2 percent and Sohag at 78.7 percent.

      The result may come as a surprise after the 17 November collision in Assiut, when a train slammed into a bus and killed 51 children. At the time, residents of the area put the blame on the government.

       But in the presidential poll, after picking former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq in round one, the majority of more than 60 percent in Assiut chose President Mohamed Morsy in the runoff.

      Voters in the Maasara village confidently told Egypt Independent that most of citizen in the polling stations would vote “yes,” and then began talking about “stability” that they believe will be got by voting  it.


       “We want things to move along in the country; we don’t like the trouble and violence between people that we’re seeing,” says Ahmed Farhan, an employee at Assiut University told Egypt Independent.


       Some voted “yes” as an expression of support for Egypt’s president, as much as many who voted “no” did so out of a rejection of Morsy and his recent maneuvers.

      “‘Yes’ because I see the country improving. I don’t see anything wrong,” says Mohamed Abdel Mohsen, a monitor at a food company.


       The large Christian community filling one polling station say their “no” votes reflect a rejection of the president’s management of the country, as well as the constitution.

        Meanwhile, Islamist supporters of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsy have claimed victory after the first day of voting in a referendum on the country’s draft constitution, according to international news agencies and the other online media. (T/R-010/R-006)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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