Women Police, Dynamic Role In Organizing Activities of Hamas Festival

Polwan Palestina         Gaza, 27 Muharram 1434/10 December 2012 (MINA) – Since the morning of the eighth of December 2012, all women police officers deployed in the courtyard of Al-Kateba Al-Khadra and junctions surrounding it; to secure the festival anniversary of the twenty-fifth of the start of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”.

       The Palestinian Ministry of Interior has highlighted the active role which played by women police officers in the organization of these events and rein in the chaos, according the ministry press release received by Mi’raj News Agency (MINA), Monday.

        In this regard, major Nariman Adwan, director of women police, confirmed that all members deployed in the field of Al-Kateba Al-Khadra and the main junctions leading to it.

         She said: “Our plan depended on mobilizing all members of women police at the entrances and exits of Al-Kateba land from the moment the masses flocked to the festival until the end of all its activities; to fill gaps and maintain the security and safety of the masses.”

          Furthermore, Adwan explained that tasks were distributed to women police officers to avoid the weaknesses that have occurred in the past year and strengthen the true points, adding: “The efforts were combined together to get the best picture for the Palestinian women police in Hamas festival.”

          Malak, a policewoman, said: “We searched women, who came to the land of Al-Kateba, in anticipation of the existence of anything that might happen chaos or riots, and to provide security and protection for dignitaries and the public.”

           For her part, the policewoman Ala’a Zanoun stressed that they arranged and organized the women who came to Al-Kateba land to attend Hamas festival “to prevent any chaos, especially in crowded places with the masses.”

            Accordingly, Al-Khansaa Al-Kurd reported that the women police officers have played an active and positive role in Hamas Festival; in order to maintain the security and safety of citizens, especially women.

            Al-Kurd said: “We made borderlines between women and men; to prevent any confusion, and we offered assistance to the elderly and delivered the lost children to their families.”

        Meanwhile, the policewoman Hadeel said: “We mobilized full alertness 100% on the morning of Hamas festival in main streets and junctions leading to the land of Al-Kateba,” adding: “We also resolve any disputes that may arise between women during the festival.”

        In the same context, Umm Sami (56 years) from Rafah, praised the role of women police officers, and she said: “I am very happy with the presence of women police officers on the land of Al-Kateba to organize and facilitate women’s access to the Hamas festival,” asserting that the members of women police dedicated to serve the Palestinian people and Palestine at all times.

        Moreover, the student Iman Ahmed (19 years) appreciated the positive role of women police in the Festival of Hamas movement, thanking their grateful efforts to the success of the festival. (T/R-022/R-006)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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