Cairo, 29 Safar 1434/11 January 2013 (MINA) – Chairman of Kuwait Journalists Association Ahmad Behbehani has been elected uncontested as Chairman of the Federation of Arab Journalists during the 12th conference of the union.

      Behbehani became the first Kuwaiti and Gulf personality to head the federation since its establishment in 1964, according to Kuwait news agency (KUNA)  reports received by Mi’raj News Agency (MINA), Friday morning.

      The Director and Treasurer of the Association, Adnan Al-Rashed, said in a statement to KUNA, following declaration of the election of Behbehani late on Wednesday, that winning the senior post of the Arab organization “is a victory for the State of Kuwait, (HH) the Amir, the government and people.”

      “The association winning of the post “is a crown for the Kuwaiti media for the prominent role it has played in the Arab world for long decades,” he added.

      The 12th Conference of the Federation of Arab Journalists (FAJ) started on Wednesday (9/01) in Cairo under the theme “Free press… Unites Not Divides” and lasts for two days.

     The Conference discusses several issues, including the basic law of FAJ for approval, as well as political, legal, and professional related to Arab journalists and the challenges facing the Arab nation.

     The Conference also discusses conditions of Arab press under Israeli occupation in Palestine, women journalists’ issues, projects of training young journalists on modern information and communications technology and other issues.

     A panel supervising election of members of the secretariat general of the federation declared, late on Wednesday, election of 15 members for a four-year term. The voters elected Behbehani, without contesting, as the chairman.

      Hatem Zakaria of Egypt was chosen as the secretary general, and his fellow citizen, Karem Mahmoud, as treasurer. They also elected the Iraqi, Muayed Al-Lami, as the first deputy of the federation, the Moroccan Abdullah Al-Buqali as the second deputy, the Jordanian Tareq Al-Moumni as third deputy. Mohammed Yousef of the UAE was chosen as the fourth deputy and the Saudi Abdullah Al-Jehlan as the fifth deputy.

     Al- Hashemi Nuwairi of Tunisia was chosen as advisor, Abdel Wahab Al-Zughailat as the head of the committee of freedoms and Adnan Al- Rashed as the chairman of the committee for development of resources.

     Those who were named as general secretaries were Abdul Nasser Al-Najjar, Palestine, Um Kalthoum Al-Mustafa, Mauritania, Salma Al- Jelasi, Tunisia, Muhi-eddine Al-Titawi and Elias Aoun, Lebanon, Yassin Al-Masoudi, Yemen, in addition to the Omani Salem Al-Jahouri.

     Kuwait is taking part in the federation 12th conference with a delegation headed by the secretary of the association, Faisal Al- Ginaee. The Omani Journalists Association (OJA) participates in the Conference by a delegation headed by Awadh bin Said Ba Qwair, Chairman of OJA. (T/R-022/R-006)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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