Ahrar Center: Zionist Occupation Forces Killed 290 Palestinians in 2012

     Gaza, 21 Shafar 1434 H/03 Januari 2013 (AlQassam/MINA) – In its annual report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Ahrar Center for human rights and prisoners studies found that there were 290 martyrs in Palestine most of them from Gaza strip which was under the Israeli army attack on November. 175 martyrs in the period between 14/11/2012-21/11/2012.

     Fuad Al-khuffash the center’s director said that 26 martyrs were in March in the period between 8/3/2012- 13/32012, all were civilians.

    Alkhuffash noted that there were 12 martyrs in West Bank, including 2 martyrs were killed in the demonstrations in solidarity with Gaza, identified as: Roshdi Attamimi from Nabi Saleh village and Hamdi Mohammad Alfalah from Hebron.

    Child Najeeb Ahmad Najeeb (20 months) was killed after the army threw a tear gas bomb into his house in Qalandia refugee camp north occupied Jerusalem

    Ahrar center said that the occupation army faces the peaceful marches in the West Bank by forces as happened with martyr Tal’at Ramieh who was killed by the army in al-Ram town north occupied Jerusalem in a demonstration to condemn the storming of Al-Aqsa mosque.

    In July, Israel killed a man who was in his way to search for job in Jerusalem. In a new crime, the killed Hasan Badee Badr at Za’eem checkpoint and shot him while he was inside a car in his neck and head.

    In March 2012, 2 children died in an explosion in Saeer and a youth in Yatta, Hebron. While in April, child Aseel Ararah (4years old) from Anata, Rashad Shokhah (28 years old) from Ramon and Fadi Ibrahim Zayton from Baita.

    In December army killed Hatem Shadid from Ellar and Mohammad Assalaymeh from Hebron. (T/R-022/R-006)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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