Jakarta, 7 Rabiul-Awwal 1434/19 January 2013. (MINA) – A Deputy Director of the Research Institute for Food, Drugs and Cosmetics, Indonesian Clergy Council (MUI LPPOM) Ir. Hj. Osmena Gunawan said the socialization of halal products to the public needs the role of mass media.

     “It needs greater role of mass media in the socialization of halal products, so people would have awareness of the importance of halal products,” said Oesmena told Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)’s reporter in Jakarta, Thursday (17/1).

    According to Mrs. Osmena, the socialization of halal products needs time, because not all Indonesian people understand the importance of halal food.

     Internationally, halal products are important for foreign visitors to select the products, especially for Muslim tourists who come into a country, she said.

     Mrs. Osmena gave an example in the Netherlands there is a special port for halal products. But there is no such a port in Indonesia. So, the role of mass media become important because the majority of Indonesian people are Muslims. They need information on halal products as a guide in implementing God’s orders, she said.

     According to her, the dissemination of halal products is not only for  the public as consumers, but it is also important for food manufacturers. Technically it is more difficult to label halal products for developing companies, yet there is no company management yet implement the halal certification.

Importance of Halal

     LPPOM MUI is the agency in charge of researching, reviewing, analyzing and deciding whether the outstanding products such as foods, drugs and cosmetics, are good for public consumption, especially for Muslims in Indonesia.

     The institution which was founded by MUI on 26 Jumadil Awal 1409 H/6 January  1989, right now in the age of 24. LPPOM MUI Jakarta has issued halal certificates for 5896 products. The number of products reached 97,794 items from 3561 companies. This ammount could be more if coupled with halal certificates issued by MUI LPPOM branches in all 33 provinces in Indonesia.

     According to the Director of LPPOM MUI, Lukmanul Hakim, the agency continuesly educate and bring public aware of consuming halal products, which is the obligation for Muslims.
     “It can keep the peace of mind for people with halal products certification,” said Hakim when he attended the LPPOM anniversary in Jakarta, Tuesday (08/01).

    According to him, public certainty about halal products is not being fully given by food manufacturers, since not all manufacturers are concerned with the rule of halal products for Muslims. It may also due to the application of halal certification is still voluntary, so there is no obligation for manufacturers or dealers to apply for halal certification, he said. (T/R-025/R-006).

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)


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