Gaza, 23 Safar 1434/5 January 2013 (Al-Qassam/MINA) – Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades waged a war of words in the internet as a response to the Israeli attacks and to expose the Israeli violations against the Palestinian civilians by using the new media tools, the Brigades has gained media attention for its use of social media during the latest conflict with Gaza.

     Up-to-date tweets have given the public a constant stream of news from the Middle East, and statistics about who has been affected by the conflict.

     The Brigades has also used their accounts in the new media sites to issue warning of the Israeli attacks on Gaza Strip and to inform the press about Al Qassam Brigades operation against the Israeli military bases.

     Al Qassam Brigades used facebook in 2007, since then, the war for gaining the hearts of public opinion has begun between the Brigades and Israel, Israel tried to incite the facebook administration against Al Qassam accounts, so the facebook responds to the Israeli pressure and closed several pages, but the Brigades still continue fighting back by opening another pages.

     The most important war of words was in the last Israeli war on Gaza in 2012 on twitter, Israel tried to use twitter and YouTube to publicize the killing of Palestinian civilians, but they fail due to the strong content coming out of Gaza during the war.

     The Brigades established its first twitter account in 2008 and established another one in 2009, several huge press agencies followed us on twitter, in addition to reporters, journalists and supporters.

     The Establishers of the accounts on twitters use three Languages Arabic, English and Hebrew. In the last month, the Brigades established an account for Abu Obeida, Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades spokesperson, the also has gained more and more Sympathy.

Hamas’s Refugee Affairs Department Launches its English Website

     The Refugee Affairs Department of Hamas announced on Tuesday evening, the launch of its English website.

     The Department director, Abdullah Hassouna, said that the main objective of the website is to convey the voice of the Palestinian refugees in the world to the foreign media and to the institutions that are interested in their cause, in an attempt to expand the circle of international attention to the refugees’ issue.

     He stressed that the Hamas’s refugee affairs department will make all efforts in order to achieve progress in the issue of refugees.

     Hassouna has also revealed that the Department is planning to launch other websites in other languages in order to convey the voice of the Palestinian refugees to the entire world.

    The department’s English website is: www.drah.ps. (T/R-022/R-006)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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