Jakarta, 23 Safar 1434/4 January 2013 (MINA) – Information and Media Director of Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry, PLE Priatna, in the Annual Press Statement said that the implementation of Indonesia’s foreign policy should be dignified, calm and soothing.

       In the press conference attended by hundreds Indonesian and foreign journalists, Priatna said Friday that public attention to foreign affairs is increasing.   “Communication performed by Foreign Ministry resulted  with increasing of Indonesian people to travel abroad, pay more attention to issues of foreign affairs and interstate relations,” he said.

      His statement was reinforced by the data of Indonesia’s foreign news presented in announcement session and awarding of Adam Malik Award 2013. In  2012, it was recorded that 28,763  news came from the Foreign Minister, the spokesman, the officials and representatives of Foreign Ministry press release.

        The total number of news was divided into 18 626 (64.75%) news in media on line, 5099 (17.72%) news in print media, 3718 (12.9%) news in visual media (television station), and 1320 (4.5 %) news in audio media(radio station).

      The Adam Malik Award 2013 was won by the Jakarta Globe in the category of print media, online media category,, television category, Surya Cipta Television (SCTV), and radio station category, Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI).

     Priatna, said  “I was also surprised by the increasing amount of news. There are 29 online media with the largest portion of news. It is an excellent development.”


Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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