Kabul, 21 Shafar 1434/02 January 2013 (Khaama Press/MINA) – An Afghan warlord has launched a scathing attack on Prince Harry, describing the Royal as a ‘jackal’ who is only interested in killing ‘innocent Afghans while he is drunk’.

        One of the world’s most wanted men has predicted that Afghanistan will collapse into murderous civil war after Nato troops withdraw in 2014, and expressed his determination to kill more British troops “so they could never make the mistake of coming again to this region.”

        The warlord’s comments came in an exclusive interview with The Telegraph from his mountain base, believed to be close to the Afghan/Pakistan border. Speaking into a camera, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar answered questions sent to him via courier.

        Hekmatyar quoted by the Telegraph said, “The British Prince wants to hunt down mujahideen (fighters) with his helicopter rockets without any shame. “But he does not understand the hunting of Afghan lions and eagles is not that easy. Jackals cannot hunt lions.”

        The Prince is currently on a four month long deployment to Afghanistan serving his second tour of duty as gunship co-pilot.

        The warlord also referred to the failed Taliban raid on the Royal’s Camp Bastion military base in September.

        He claimed, “The Prince saw that he was the one about to be hunted and was searching for a hole in which to hide himself.”

        In the meantime Hekmatyar said his Hizb-i-Islamia party was prepared to fight in the 2014 presidential elections, which will precede the final withdrawal of British and American troops from Afghanistan.

        He also insisted on a “peaceful transition” from the present Afghan government to a new administration based on “free and fair elections.”

        Gulbuddin Hekmatyar is the leader of part of the insurgency in Afghanistan. One of the most brutal of the country’s former resistance fighters, his forces have battle American, NATO and Afghan forces in the north and northeast of the country.

        Though the insurgent group, Hezb-i-Islami, or Islamic Party, operates under a separate command from the Taliban, it has links to the Taliban leadership and Al Qaeda and has fought on a common front against foreign forces in Afghanistan. (T/R-002/R-003/R-006)


Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)


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