Jakarta, 30 Safar 1434/12 Januaryy 2013 (MINA) – Chairman of the Institute for Research and Community Empowerment (IRCE) Yulizar Sanrego stated Islamic mortgages is now increasingly popular among Indonesian people, especially in regions.

       “Indonesian people are very interested to use sharia pawnshop for their daily financial need, especially people who live in rural areas,” he told Miraj News Agency (MINA) reporter, Thursday night.

       According to the member of National Islamic Council, the principle of most Indonesian people who want to get a loan puting their goods into pawnshop has been the motivating factor for their insreasing interest to the pawnshop, especially sharia pawnshops.

      The Increasing of public interest toward sharia pawnshops is also based on that the service is widely available in appartments and markets compared with conventional and Islamic banks which relatively limited and did not touch grass root class.

      Vice Chairman of the Academic and Student Affairs at STIE Tazkia also said the service of sharia pawnshop is quickly and easily accessible to the public and less costly than conventional and Islamic banking services.

     “On the other hand, Indonesian society in general are consumptive minded and prefer to loan to fullfil their needs. So the pawnshop especially Islamic pawnshop is the right choice to make their ends meet,” said Yulizar.

     Until November 2012 the performance of Islamic pawnshop was increasing up to 54.59 percent compared with 2011 with a turnover of Rp 1.956 trillion rupiahs.

     In addition, the marhun (the collateral) product also increased 41,401 pieces, or 36.41 percent of the target, in line with the growing needs of Indonesian people to sharia pawnshop. (T/R-025/R-006)

Miraj News Agency (MINA)

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