Written by: Thamer Abd-el-Ghani Saba’ena.

Translated by: Yasmin Nader

(Ahrar center for human rights and prisoners)*

      The world has become an open little village due to the revolutions, technology uprising and due to the increases usage of internet and social networking.

     And it became possible to communicate easily and at a faster rate from all over the globe, therefore it became a must for people who abide strongly by their ideologies and views to utilize these technology facilities to help them spread their useful ideologies to enhance their core purpose.


These technology facilities should help people in their work to raise awareness of the vital causes of today.

     The issue of the Palestinian prisoners in the prisons of the Israeli occupation is one of the most important aspects in the noble Palestinian cause due to the humanitarian and social significance of this cause and that is due to it being an important element in the day-to-day life of a Palestinian civilian.

     And most probably, every single Palestinian home had a member who suffered with/in the prisons of the Israeli occupation, therefore it is a MUST to support the Palestinian prisoners and the people who work for them by using the internet and social networking (especially facebook and twitter) to show the documents of the Palestinian prisoners to the world.

     And from my personal experience through my blog and our group that works for the Palestinian prisoners, I received a lot of messages from Arab brothers and sisters who were surprised that a lot of Palestinian men and women are being imprisoned by the Israeli occupation – therefore it is important that we use all the available facilities to spread the cause of the Palestinian prisoners worldwide by finding supporting foreign society members (foreign lobby) to be able to pressurize governments to put an end to the suffering of the Palestinian prisoners and to stop the unethical behaviour from the Israeli occupation by using the language that most people of the West understand -and it is humanity, and the human rights. And to be able to use social network to help us in this cause we should:

1) Find internet pages and websites (that use several languages) which work for the cause of the Palestinian prisoners tillwe reach the maximum number of audience, and especially, the Western audience.

2) Activate the electronic campaigns, and here we would like to mention the last campaign (The electronic day to help the Palestinian prisoners) and how this campaign faced a lot of interaction and enthusiasm from the media and the people. This reflected the role of the electronic work to aid the cause of the Palestinian prisoners – more than 200 pages and electronic groups that embraced more than 10 million members- participated and helped in the campaign, and by that, the voice of the Palestinian prisoners under attack reached the maximum number of audience which generated a public opinion in favour of the Palestinian prisoners.

3) To activate the groups and pages that aid the Palestinian prisoners and the pages should not only be ‘page names’that have no influence in the actual world.

4) Sincere and real effort to enhance work and co-operation between groups and pages that work for the Palestinian prisonersand the real goal should be to aid in the noble cause of the Palestinian prisoners.

5) Innovation in the scope of the work to find new ideas like preparing electronic news or magazine using many languages for everyone to understand and use by directly reading from the source or by printing and distributing the magazines or posts where the activists (or the supporter) are. And to design photos or brochures that talk about the Palestinian prisoners in many languages.

6) To schedule and hold events that support the Palestinian prisoners on the real ground by directly contacting the people concerned or by contacting the address on the posters/brochures/magazines that talk about the Palestinian prisoners regarding these events.

7) To meet and speak to official Arab and foreign international representatives/personalities through their electronic pages and accounts and to send messages to them to invite them to stand up for the cause of the Palestinian prisoners by explaining to them the cause and it’s significance.(T/R-022/R-006)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

* Ahrar center for the study of prisoners and human rights specialized in publishing violations of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian prisoners in jails and monitoring the most prominent violations and offenses to the international customs ,charters  and regulations. It works on documenting, recording and publishing them in order to highlight on this group of people that are suffering.

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