Gaza City, 8 Rabiul Akhir 1434/ 18 February 2013 (MINA) – This is the story of the freed prisoner Akram Salamah published in monitored  by Mi’raj News Agency (MINA), Monday (18/2).
         Here is the complete story of Akram Salamah:
         I am pretty sure that jailers are not humans. I think they belong to other species – apart from animals. Animals had exceeded them far, when it comes to mercy and pity.
         I am talking about the Ramla Hospital, or better the Ramla Jail. I was the representative for Hamas prisoners there. I used to receive patients from different prisons. I encountered a lot of conditions.
         It was a tragedy, which I lived 24/7, since I was moving from one brother to another. Diseases and pain bit them all. Ignorance, toughness and torture were unlimited.
        The Zionist supervisors, either doctors or nurses, took off their hearts and replaced them with rock stones. They have nothing to do with their titles. They are merely butchers.
        Memories and images congested in my mind. I remember the cases in this place. I remember the old man. His name was Mohammed Abu Redwan. He was 65 years old, of which he spent 27 years in the Israel prisons. His picture still occupies a roomy space of my tired memory.
        We were detained together in room 205. The man was terribly sick, and unable to breathe. We spent long nights together. He was groaning. His voice penetrated our hearts. We were tortured spiritually.
        He could not sleep for twenty consecutive days. Every time doctors claimed that he was sound, and had no health problems, every time we visited the doctor.
       These few words were an ongoing suffering, which took place at night and daylight, second by second, minute by minute and hour by an hour. Pain, sighs, weariness, and lack of sleep.
       Having suffered from pain, continuous  weariness, lack of sleeping and incapability of breathing, he was moved to a special hospital. There, he was diagnosed. It was shocking. He had lungs cancer, and his disease is advancing.
       That changed nothing. They got him back to my cell. His misery continued, and never stopped.
        His health deteriorated. He lost his consciousness due to the lack of sleep. His body turned pale, and he colored in yellow. He could recognise no one.
       That situation compelled me and my fellow prisoner to meet a member of the prison authorities. Then was the shock. I will never forget what happened. Mohammed and I sat opposing to the deputy of the prison director. Mohammed was so exhausted, weak and unconscious.
        I talked to the Israeli official, and asked him to allow Mohammed’s family to visit him in prison due to his hard condition. I was discussing him, when Mohammed stretched his arm to get the mobile phone, which was on the desk. The Israeli official went insane, and demanded that Mohammed had to be cuffed. His hands were tied to his back.
        The situation was hard. They have no hearts. They got no feelings. They do not feel pity for the prisoners. Their hearts are made of steel, and tight locked.
        The Zionist did not feel content with hand cuffing Mohammed. He swore at him, accused him of acting, and denied him family visits.
        Two nights after, the prisoner died at the midst of night. He spent half of his years in the Zionist prisons of injustice and oppression. I still feel heartbroken to him, even though 10 years passed. (T/P02/E1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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