Gaza City, 3 Rabiul Akhir 1434/12 February 2013 (MINA)Palestinian Prisoner Movement in occupation jails was able to achieve a historic achievement in a very great magnificence in which was the success of the 361 students in high school and  153 students ended the requirements for obtaining a diploma in many humanitarian disciplines.
        There are still 512 students in the bachelor who finished nearly two years in history major at Al-Aqsa University in the Gaza Strip, after two continuous years of study and continuous communication resulted in a great result, according to a report published in
        Fuad Al-Khuffash the director of Ahrar center for prisoners studies and human rights, that we announced this step after the spectacular success of prisoners in Israeli jails and after graduation of nearly 415 students who have completed their high school and diploma, and we still have now and in school 131 students in diploma and 512 in the bachelor.
      Khuffash said that the number of students who affiliated with the University and completed a high school degree in the prisons of the occupation were 1157 captives students which equivalent the quarter of Palestinian prisoner movement.
    And about the conditions of the study Khuffash who was one of the academic staff supervisor during the registration process and teaching, which was named by the prisoners University “Ahrar” or “ Liberal”, that the detainees don’t want to waste any minute in jails and want only to study and learn more.
    The process is set through the academic staff holds a PhD and Master of prisoners in Israeli jails, so there is no manipulation and they separated nearly 12 Palestinian prisoners for lack of seriousness in the process of study.
    Khuffash demanded, the government in the West Bank and Palestinian universities in the West Bank to open the registration door in the Palestinian universities for the detainees, and to equivalent the high school or university degree in the West Bank, where the majority of these prisoners from the West Bank.
     The center said that the prisoners after the occupation deprived them from completing their university education and to end the high school, they took this creative seeking to expand the circle of academic disciplines, stressing the availability of Palestinian academics who are able to cover all the courses. (T/P-08/E1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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