Jakarta, 18 Rabiul Akhir 1434/28 February 2013 (MINA) – An Indonesian Volunteer who has been participating in the construction of Indonesian Hospital in Gaza City for Palestinian people, Abdillah Onim said that the Palestinians expressed their gratitude to Indonesian people who have been supporting them to get their independence. 
        It was stated by Onim when he was visiting to Al Fatah Islamic Boarding School,  Cileungsi, Bogor with his family. Onim got married with Raja Ali Yusuf, a woman from Gaza and is blessed with a daughter named Marwiya Filindo Onim.

Here is an interview with Abdillah Onim:


What is the latest condition of Gaza after the recent 8 days Israeli aggression?


        Alhamdulillah, right now Gaza’s condition is better than before. The Gazans now can go to work as usual. Farmers and fishermen can work safely. But we all know that no one can give security guarantee in Palestine. Although it looks safe, but chaotic situation can happen anytime. The people of Gaza are already familiar with the situation.

        Israel can attack Palestine anytime they want. They often break the agreements. It happened many times. Israel also supported by United States and several Europe countries. They supported Israel politically, financially, economically and militarily.

How come do you get up in Gaza?


       I went to Gaza in 2009 during the Israeli Cast Lead aggression to Gaza that has killed more than 1400 Palestinians. Mer-C went there sending medical aid, and I became a medical volunteer at the time. Then Mer-C got a waqaf land in Gaza. Then we build a hospital in order to help the people of Gaza when they are sick or in the event of Israeli military aggression.

      Approximately for 4 months I was in Gaza and in 2010 I returned back to Gaza again and got the permission to start the construction of the hospital.

        In February 2012 I was married with a Gazan female named Raja Yusuf Ali.  Now we thank to Allah that we were blessed with a daughter and we give her name Marwiya Filindo Onim. The word Filindo derives from the word Philistine (Palestine) and Indonesia.

        During the Israeli military aggression in the end of 2012, I got the mandate as a contributor to TV One, a TV station in Indonesia to cover news of aggression in Gaza. Alhamdulillah, during the aggression, Palestinians can unite and I could survive and Israel officially asked the Palestinians to make a peace agreement.

How about the latest developments of the Indonesian hospital construction in Gaza ?

        Yes, I get the mandate as chairman of Mer-C branch in Gaza, and the development of the hospital construction has reached 67 percent physically. I saw the volunteers there have a strong energy and determination in helping the Palestinian struggle. The volunteers are also learning to memorize the Holy Qur’an and Arabic in the evening. Please pray for the volunteers,  hopefully they can finish the construction of the hospital as soon as possible.

What exactly the Palestinians expect from Indonesia?

       There are many Palestinians who expressed their gratitude to Indonesian people. They see Indonesia as a nation with the largest number of Muslims in the world, consisting of various tribes and cultures. But Indonesian people can come together in supporting Palestinian struggle against Zionist Israel. One real example is the constuction of Indonesian hospital in Gaza financed by the funds collected from all Indonesian people.

       They request the support and prayer from Indonesian people especially Muslims. They are now struggling against the Israeli occupation. Indonesia had also experianced the same occupation 68 years ago.

There are many Muslims who have a desire to help his brothers in Palestine. Can you give them tips in order to have a chance to go to Palestine like you?

       The main factor is Allah. Only Allah can provide the opportunity to be able to go to Palestine. One of the main efforts is that you should learn Arabic. It is a means of communication we have with the resident there. In addition we also have to learn the geography and the political climate in Palestine, so we might not do something wrong in taking an attitude and decisions.

      Strong mentality and courage are needed if we want to go to Palestine. Going to Palestine means ready to die there. Other important part is the support of our parents. We really need their blessings and prayers as long as we are in the Palestine.

The last question, is there any message you want to convey to Indonesian people?

       Yes, I would like to convey a message to the people of Indonesia, especially Muslims. You know that Palestinian people today have a positive perception of Indonesian nation. They are proud of the people of Indonesia who can come together to get independence from Dutch colonial at that time. They want to try to be able to emulate the spirit of Indonesian people who got into unity and reached the independence.

       Let us show them that so far Indonesia still maintain the nation’s unity. We should not be devided because of fanatical group or tribe. Nor because of political differences, which make us quarrel each other.

      The Palestinian people are now building reconciliation between the two main factions, namely Hamas and Fatah. They want to emulate the spirit of the Indonesian nation that could come together and gain independence. With the support of our shared hope that Palestinians can gain independence and the Al Aqsa could be returned to the Muslims. (T/P04/E1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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