by Khalid Amayreh*

         The Palestinian Authority (PA) is bracing itself for a new episode of engagement with the new Obama administration. Both President Obama and his newly-appointed Secretary of State John Kerry are planning to visit the region and hold talks with Israeli and Arab officials.
         Some PA officials are relating to the visits with the same utter naïveté they had displayed every time an American official landed in Ramallah. As these “perennially optimistic” officials react to the invariably futile visits, they often give the impression that “this time will be different” and that the U.S. is now serious about pressuring the colonialist Zionist state to walk in the path of peace and forcing it to give up the stolen land and end the world’s longest military occupation.
        I don’t know for sure what makes these people, many of whom are veteran politicians with high academic degrees; behave in this less than mediocre manner and often outright stupidly.
        Don’t they learn from the numerous “peace initiatives” put forward by American presidents and secretaries of state? Don’t they remember the Rogers Plan? The Carter Initiatives? The Regan initiative? The Clinton Initiative?
        The Road map? The Madrid Peace Conference? The Oslo Accords? Bill Clinton’s visit to Gaza? Condoleezza Rice’s 24 visits to Ramallah? Hillary’s visits, just to mention a few feats of American deception vis-à-vis the Palestinian cause?
        Haven’t PA and PLO officials learned anything from all this deception? Are they still willing to repeat the same failed experiences again? We Palestinians have been cheated and lied to so much that we can not take it anymore.
        However, our leaders seem quite insensitive to being affronted time after time after time by those who claim they are against Israeli settlement expansion but hasten to cast their vetoes to shield the Zionist state from international condemnation at the UN Security Council.
        One of the main conceptual blunders most PA officials seem unable to extricate themselves from is the erroneous conviction that U.S. administrations can force Israel to end the occupation that started in 1967.

US Leaders –  when money appears, heads bow

        Well, the US had nearly 50 years to get the job done, as they say in the U.S. However, instead of doing the Job, successive American administrations chose to succumb to organized Israeli-Zionist pressure to the point that American presidents, congressmen and officials have accustomed themselves to groveling at Israel’s shoes in the most disgraceful manner.
       They are simply following the ancient adage: when money appears, heads bow.
       It is sad and humiliating that the Palestinian leadership has chosen to speak with the slave rather than with the master. There are those who would say that why speak to the monkey when you can speak to the organ grinder.
        I am saying this because all American leaders and officials are nearly totally enslaved by Israel and her powerful Jewish lobby. They can’t, even if they wanted, act against Israeli desires and policies.
       Some naïve foreign policy experts would argue that by pandering themselves to Israel, America’s leaders gain leverage over Israeli and Jewish circles. However, there is hardly any evidence suggesting that this is the case, as the Israeli-Jewish control over US policy in the Middle East has reached an unprecedented level of penetration.

US leaders are powerless facing Zionist masters

       In the final analysis, it is irredeemably naïve to expect an administration that can’t even force Israel to stop demolishing a single Arab home in the West Bank to force the Zionist entity to abandon the spoils of the 1967-war and leave Noble Jerusalem.
       More to the point, it is crystal clear that the situation in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, has reached the point of no-return. This outstanding fact alone should prompt the PA to rethink the two-state solution strategy.
        In Jerusalem, the systematic process of Judaization is going on rather relentlessly, with the Israeli occupation authorities hell-bent on obliterating the last vestiges of Arab-Islamic civilization.
        It is true that the Haram el-Sharif (Noble Sanctuary) is more or less still intact. However, this can’t be taken for granted any longer as Israel continues to demolish ancient Islamic buildings in the vicinity of the Aqsa Mosque.
        In light, we must be realistic about the fact that it is too late to reach a genuine peaceful settlement to the conflict, a settlement that would be mutually satisfactorily and withstand the tests of history.
        Today, the world needs a miracle to convince Israel to give up Jerusalem and return to the armistice line of the fourth of June, 1967.
        It would even need a greater miracle to get the arrogant and megalomaniac Zionist state, intoxicated by her military power and domination over America , to agree to the repatriation of millions of Palestinian refugees uprooted from their homes in what is now Israel .

There is only one constant variable, it is Almighty God Allah

        Some PLO officials, such as Mahmoud Abbas, might think they could cajole many of the refugees to cede the right of return.
       None the less, we all know that even if some of these refugees can be bamboozled into wavering their right of return, the vast majority of the refugees, indeed the Arab and Muslim umma won’t. Because Palestine belongs to the Islamic Umma regardless of contemporary geo-political realities.
        Some PA apologists might argue that the PA needed to be flexible in order to help the Palestinians withstand the evils of the occupation. This argument may contain some elements of veracity.
         However, the PA must always refrain from doing anything or reaching any agreements or understandings that would prejudice the inalienable rights of our people to reclaim their rights in Palestine, especially the sacred right of return.
        As to the Americans, it is true that no sensible politician can totally ignore the only remaining super-power in the world. However, not ignoring the Americans is one thing and treating them as if they were the Almighty God of this world is quite a different matter.
        Israel and America are not constant variables in this world. There is only one constant variable, it is Almighty God. More than two decades ago, there was the mighty Soviet Union.
        I am convinced that a few decades from now, Israel will be no more. It is an evil, racist and inhumane entity that can not escape the fate of other criminal and evil entities. And neither the earth nor the sky will shed tears over its demise and disappearance. (T.P02/E1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

* Khalid Amayreh is a journalist living in Palestine. He obtained his MA in journalism from the University of Southern Illinois in 1983. Since the 1990s, Mr. Amayreh has been working and writing for several news outlets among which is Aljazeera.net, Al-Ahram Weekly, Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), and Middle East International. He can be reached through  [email protected]

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