By Dr. Essam Adwaan*

      Thirty-seven years ago in March 30, 1976, Palestinian masses in occupied Palestine went on strike against the Zionist occupation forces, protesting confiscation of over 21 thousand acres from Arab land.

     It was the first uprising in the Arab lands occupied in 1948, which was kept in the Palestinian national memory till today.

      Since then, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) has confiscated hundreds of thousands of acres, destroyed hundreds of Arab houses, expelling hundreds of peoples out of their land. Yet, Arab masses did not move as they did 37 years ago.

      Israeli Occupation Forces planned to displace 45 thousand Palestinians from the Bedouin Negev, launching several raids on Bedouin villages, which they claim they are illegitimate.

       IOF demolished a large house in the village of shqeib to the south of Beersheba, establishing a residential district of religious Jews in Alled in order to crack down on Arabs and reduce their percentage in the city occupied by Jews in 1948.

        A European parliamentary inquiry commission denounced the actions by IOF.

        IOF razed thousands of acres planted in the Negev near the village of Wadi Alne’am in the last February.

        IOF approved recently the recommendations of the Judge Benny Begin’s commission to confiscate 800 thousand acres, which constitute 90% of Arab land in the Negev and includes demolition of 35 Palestinian villages.

        The commission has offered to recognize the ownership of 100 thousand acres to the Arabs before confiscation of 800 thousand acres, from which over 200 thousand Arabs benefit from in the Negev.as a matter of fact, IOF do not wait for Arabs’ approval , so they really start confiscating these lands two days ago.

         The situation of Palestinians in the occupied territories in 1948 is so difficult that satisfy none.

         Israel, Not only practices discrimination against them; but it also targets their presence and seek to root them out of their land.

         Israel adheres Palestinians must recognize the Jewishness of Israel as a prelude to expel them out of their land.

         The reality of Arabs in occupied Palestine requires a greater uprising bigger than the uprising of the land day in 1976, which is no longer, tolerates more patience.

         Palestinians constitute 20% of the population of the Israelis, and they are able through planning and determination to turn the lives of Jews in Our Palestine to unbearable hell.

          As a prelude to defeat the occupation and preserve the Arab presence inside occupied Palestine in 1948, Palestinians must seek for self-rule and then demand for secession.

          The South of Sudan and East Timor are not so different of them. This struggle needs sacrifices because the price of acceptance of humiliation and disgrace is far greater than the price of dignity and freedom. (T/P02/E1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

*DR. Essam Adwan is Professor of Modern History, Open Al-Quds University, and Director of Refugee Affairs department in Hamas Movement 

Source : http://www.alresalah.ps/en/index.php?act=post&id=1917

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