Burin, Nablus, 20 Rabiul Akhir  1434/2 March 2013 (MINA) – A group of students in the village of Burin, West Bank on Thursday (28/2) clashed with the Zionist Israeli soldiers who attacked their village.
       Ghassan Daghlas, a person who responsible for monitoring the settlement activities in the northern West Bank said that Israeli soldiers came and attacked the villagers. Students then took the fight by throwing stones at the soldiers.
       Israeli occupation soldiers then hit back the students until they left thier school. Some students reported wounded by Israeli army gunfire. But there has been no reports of arrested students by Israely soldiers.
       Israeli soldiers used tear gas and stun grenades to attack the students who tried to resist. From Israeli army, some of them also reportedly injuried from stones throw from the students, according to Wafa news agency reports monitored by Mi’raj News Agency (MINA), Saturday.
       This attack is the third time in recently weeks, Israeli soldiers attacked Palestinians in their area. They were accused of inhibiting the expansion of Israeli settlements which being to be built in West Bank.
       An Israeli occupation military spokesman said the army use the means of non-violence to dispel the Palestinian who are staying in the area which claimed as their land. But the Palestinians threw stones towards the soldiers.
        But it is contrary to the facts on the ground. Israeli soldiers directly use tear gas, stun grenades, and even fired a bullet toward the Palestinians.
        Palestinians set up a camp in the area which was claimed by the Israeli government. They claimed that the land is belong to them which  forcibly annexed by Israel. They drove the people and did not give the proper compensation.
         Burin villagers said that they had received a report issued by the UN human rights investigators. They called on Israel to stop the expansion of the settlements and withdrawed all Jewish settlers there. The agency stated that Israel could be charged with crimes against humanity because of the settlement’s construction.
         Israel’s foreign ministry quickly rejected the report and said that it that could create hostility the Israely government againts the Palestinians.
         In West Bank there are 500,000 Israelis and 2.5 million Palestinians living there. Peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians has been stalled in 2010 because Israel violated the agreements by continuing the development of constuction on land which owned by Palestinians. (T/P04/E1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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