Cairo, 29 Rabiul  Akhir 1434/11 March 2013 (MINA) – Several Egyptian Islamic parties and other groups signed a statement issued on Saturday (9/3) to support peace efforts resolving some parties who wants to stop Mursi from the presidency.

        Head of the Al-Ansar Party and former spokesperson of the Hazemoon group, Gamal Saber, said Islamist groups and other Egyptians would defend public and private property against attacks. “We will defend by peaceful means only, such as forming popular committees to guard state institutions,” said Gamal, according to Daily News Egypt report monitored by Mi’raj News Agency (MINA), Monday morning.

        The statement said, “During these times where the nation is facing severe dangers and attempts to abort the Egyptian revolution and destroy Egypt internally, any patriotic Egyptian should do nothing but put his partisan stances aside and hurry to rescue his nation.”

         The coalition of Islamic forces also highlighting its support of security forces and criticising attacks on police stations and security directorates.

         The statement called on all national and popular groups to support police by all possible means, including popular committees. “We are following the current crisis regularly to take the necessary procedures regarding it,” the statement read.

         According to the local media, the statement said the police institution is a national body that belongs to the people, adding that everyone should support the police in maintaining order and securing public and private property.

         The statement praised police officers, claiming that they are subjected to huge pressure to ‘politicise’. It described attacking police stations and security directorates as “attempts to spread chaos in the country” and called on the Ministry of Interior to investigate any violations conducted by its personnel.

          Gamal also  describing them as “a hired criminal group”. Saber claimed that such attackers aim to destroy Egypt and topple President Mohamed Mursi.

          “Some corrupt security officers and politicians are assisting those criminals in implementing their chaotic plan. The corrupt criminal media outlets also play a great role in falsifying the truth and implementing the Zionist-American plan aiming to destroy Egypt,” he added.

         Several Islamist groups and parties signed the statement, including the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), Jamaa’ Islamiya, Al-Wasat Party, Al-Watan Party, Al-Raya Party, Building and Development Party, Union of Preachers, Sunnah scholars’ Association, Al-Asala Party, and several Islamist groups except Salafist Nour Party. (T/P03/E1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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