Bethlehem, 29 Rabiul Akhir 1434/11 March 2013 (MINA) – The Central Elections Commission on Sunday completed the transfer of voter registry forms from Gaza to Ramallah and will publish the final registry on April 10, the CEC said.

       It was stated  by the CEC chairman Hanna Nasser on Sunday (10/3) after ensuring the voter data from Gaza and Ramallah have reached the central CEC office in Bethlelem, according to Ma’an report  monitored by Mi’raj News Agency (MINA).

      “We have completely received all data of voters from all Palestinian territories, and we will announce the final voters list on 10 April,” said Nasser, who is also a chairman of CEC.
      Previous data delivery was delayed due to blocking by Israel of the road where the carrier data takes through.

     “In February 2013, Israel blocked all access roads to Bethlehem so that the data voters could not get past the way. But now everything is fine. We stayed to continue this agenda to the next stage, “said Nasser.

      Hanna Nasser also said that the CEC is currently using a digital scanner application to transfer the data from the branches offices in Gaza and Ramallah.

        “The final registry is actually scheduled for completion on 30 March, but it was delayed because of the Israeli blockade,” Nasser stated.
        CEC revealed that 258,000 people have been registered as a voter that was updated for the first time since January 2005.
        Yasser al-Wadia, general coordinator of the Palestinian Election Commission said that several Palestinian leaders will have a meeting in the coming up of April to discuss the electoral mechanisms.
        “The agreement that was signed in May 2011 to reunite the West Bank and Gaza. This time the deal will be realized, “said al-Wadia.

         Actually the Palestinian Election Commission wanted to start the registration process since 2012 last year, but the intention was delayed because there is no consensus about the data collection mechanism.
        The relationship between Fatah and Hamas is currently getting better after getting a boost from Egypt to continue the process of reconciliation.
         In addition, other terms agreed by the reconciliation of Fatah and Hamas was the establishment of an interim government until the election results come out. Fatah and Hamas had held talks over two days in February 2013 in Cairo, Egypt to discuss the form of the interim government. (T/P04/E1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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