Gaza City, 26 Rabiul Akhir 1434/8 March 2013 (MINA) – The deputy of Palestinian Parliament Dr. Abdurrahman Yusuf Al Jamal said that right now Palestinian people live in a very poor condition and it is a must that Palestinian people have to unite among each others to face the Zionist who is the common enemy.

      “Because of the union and the God will, we will surely win against our enemy, restore our rights and liberate our occupied lands,” he said in an interview with Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)’s reporter Muhammad Hussein in Gaza on Wednesday (6/3).

Here is the full interview:

How is the continuation of Palestinian reconciliation talks?

      There is no doubt that up to now Palestinian people live in a very poor condition. With union and the God will, Palestinian people will surely win against Zionist,  restore their rights and liberate their occupied lands.

However, Alhamdulillah we see a sincerity in the reconciliation process, and I said that the agreement had been established and run successfully.  Some reconciliation files have also started, realized and are in the process, such as the holding of election, about freedom, security, unity of Palestinian movements and so on.

     This agreement process continues to run despite a lot of pressure from those who dislike it. The U.S and Zionist Israel are trying to hinder the success of the reconciliation. While we are trying not to be affected by these pressures in carrying out the functions and tasks.

     However, I observed that the current reconciliation process is slightly delayed because of U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit plan to Palestine. While Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) hopes to hold a talks with him in finding a peaceful solution to the exclusion of the reconciliation process. However, we hope that with God’s permission, we would achieve the result of reconciliation.

There is an analysis from Palestinian journalist Khalid Amayreh who said that the  reconciliation’s agenda is under the scenario of Israel and U.S. What is your comment?

     There is no doubt that the actions of Palestinian Authority in West Bank is under the leadership of Abu Mazen. He does what U.S order. He will not act without U. S permission. So, U.S has a requirements to control the policy.

     When Hamas won the elections in 2006  by the majority votes, then Hamas performed a government.  U.S refused to recognize the results of the elections at the time. So they focused on the election only in this reconciliation.

      We all know that since the Hamas’ victory in the last election, Hamas began to be blockaded. Similarly with the people of Gaza, they felt the blockade. The condition becomes more difficult, and we do not deny that these difficulties potentially give opposing factions to Hamas government.
We are not afraid of the upcoming election, but American interests in the reconciliation is just that they only want the election and did not want to see the better condition in Palestinian society.

     In the West Bank, for example, there is still going on the arrests by the Zionist army. Many offices are closed. Therefore, it is clear that what is desired by U.S  and Zionists is the “election”.

     They are trying to hold the election to pull out Hamas through this way. So the scenario is that Hamas will be defeated in the elections and the conditions of Palestine will be controlled by them. So, it will be easy for Israel to continue to arrest and imprison activists and MPs in the jails.

     The Jews do not want to hold the elections in al-Quds. Who want to run for parliament members and the next day he should be arrested and thrown in jail? Then, how could the elections be held in al-Quds? For that, I will reiterate that U.S want to pull out Hamas from political stage.

Obama plans to visit Palestine, including to Al-Aqsa Mosque, How do tou think?

      Obama’s visit to Al-Aqsa would be a dangerous course. He has the wrong opinion that Al-Aqsa Mosque was built on haikal (temple) Solomon. Thus we see the dangers of Obama’s visit plan since it is a Muslims sacred place and is is inappropriate for Obama to visit the holy place.

      Through Obama’s visit,  the Jews attempted to legalize their efforts in breaking down the Al-Aqsa mosque to be built haikal Solomon on the top. In addition, the are series of Israeli attacks to Al-Aqsa mosque. This is what they want, replacing Al-Aqsa mosque with haikal Solomon.

       So, his visit would support Israel to strengthen their position in controlling Al-Aqsa mosque.

What are the expectations of the Palestinian people toward Obama’s visit?

       We hope that the visit is canceled due to the Al-Aqsa mosque is clearly belong to Muslims. It is inappropriate for the man like Obama to visit the mosque, It is a sacred place, not for recreation or sightseeing. Moreover, the purpose of the visit is a part of the dirty conspiracy conveyed by Obama and the Jews will take the advantages of it’s case.

What kind of support is really expected by Palestinians?

     The endowed Al-Aqsa Mosque are not only belong to the Palestinians, but to all Muslims. Therefore it is the duty of all Muslims including all leaders, kings, scholars, scientists up to ordinary people to come together to fight the liberation of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

      We demand the liberation of Al-Aqsa Mosque from the dirty hands of Zionists. It is supposed to be undertaken by Muslims all around the world. It is a disgrace to Muslims if they let Al-Aqsa mosque to be controlled by Zionist occupiers which caused Muslims could not travel to the third Islamic holy mosques.

     We call all Muslims from around the world to do the real action to liberate Al-Aqsa.

      Moral and material support are needed by Palestinian people in al-Quds and surrounding areas in order to strengthen their presence and their struggle.  We all know that Zionist Israel is constantly trying to dislodge and remove their existence in al-Quds.

How far is the international support toward Palestinian independence?

      The U.S. , European countries and their allies helped and supported Israel totally and blatantly. There are no countries in the world today can interfere their decision.

      Policies issued by UN had not affected Israeli cruelty and criminality  against Palestinians. The establishment and construction of the wall and the settlements never ceased despite the international communities continue to condemn Israel.

      The killings and arrests done by Zionists are existing up to now and no countries are able to stop the crimes. The latest case is the death of Palestinian prisoner Arafat Jaradat in prison due to atrocities by the Zionists while the other prisoners were in very cruel condition.

      We all know that European and American countries are still tend to help Zionist rather than Palestinians, and still could not stop their brutality to Palestinian people. International efforts in supporting Palestinian freedom is still on paper and has not produced a significant result.

How do you think of the Prime Minister Erdogan’s statement in the fifth alliance of civilizations forum in Vienna who said that Zionism is a crime against humanity?

      Erdogan  takes a positive position for Palestine and its people. We are proud of his solidarity. Zionist Israel is clearly doing a crime, but western countries always covers them through their media.

      Erdogan’s action is honorable in order to find a way out of Palestinian problem. We say once again that Zionist actions are truly crimes against the Palestinian people and the sanctity of the land. Therefore it is the obligatory of all Arab countries and Islamic states to take the  position as practiced by Erdogan.

As a Palestinian cleric, how do you see the importance of unity against Zionist Israel?

     Palestinian Liberation will not happen until all Muslims are united. Salahuddin al-Ayubi, before coming to Palestine, he  previously unite all Muslims.

      So, alll Muslims must unite. Because the conflict in Palestine is actually the responsibility of all Muslims in the world. Al-Aqsa belongs to Muslims, as well as the land of Palestine and al-Quds.

      I can say that the delayed of Palestinian liberation is due to disunity and all differences occurred among Muslims countries. So, they only focus on the internal problems of their own countries and  put aside their true purpose.

      So, I am sure that through the unity of Muslims,  the liberation of Palestine and Al-Aqsa are very close.

What is your advise and suggestions to Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)?

      I would say that Indonesian people keep the track of Palestine consistently. I visited Indonesia and watched with my own eyes how the people of Indonesia are very care about and give a strong support to the Palestinian people and Al-Aqsa.

      Support given by Indonesian people  to Palestine is real. And one of the support for the Palestinians is the establishment of Mi’raj News Agency (MINA). MINA with all efforts always introduces and promotes Palestine and Al-Aqsa to the people of Indonesia and the world  community.

      Then MINA reminds all Muslims that one of the three holy mosques is still under control of Zionists.

        So I say my gratitude to MINA for the amount of efforts and unceasing support.  We hope that MINA committs in supporting Palestinians and all its problems. We all know that the media’s role in the struggle for the liberation of Al-Aqsa mosque is so important.

         All elements who work in media are Mujahiddeen. They struggle with their pen. All efforts are in order to realize the victory of the Muslims and the Palestinians.

         So, once again I say, keep the focus in the jihad to liberate Palestine and effort to unite the Muslims around the world. Indonesia with all different parties, to unite and concentrate in supporting the Palestinian liberation efforts.

         Keep reminding  the responsibilities in this struggle.  So, you have a stake in the liberation of Palestine. (L/P04/K1/P02/R2/E1).

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)


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