Jakarta, 6 Jumadil Akhir 1434/16 April 2013 (MINA) – The Indonesian government trained 30 Palestinian people in a microfinance skill training in Amman, Jordan, on April 12 to 15.

It aimed to empower economic independence of the country that has been blockaded by Israel since 2007, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia reported in its official website as monitered by Mi’raj News Agency (MINA).

“Indonesia shared knowledge and experience of its micro, small and medium Enterprises management (Usaha Mikro Kecil Menengah/UMKM) and their contribution in boosting the country’s economy (Palestine),” Siti Nugraha Mauludiah, the Director of Technical Cooperation of the Ministry said in the opening, Friday (12/4).

According to the ministry, empowering local communities through the development of UMKM management is an important element in empowering economic independence of a nation. Indonesian  government  chooses  microfinance training for the Palestinian people as a support action for Palestinian human resource development.

This event was organized in cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of  Republic of Indonesia and Indonesian People Bank (Bank Rakyat Indonesia/BRI) . Originally,  the event was scheduled in Ramallah, Palestine, to give a direct interaction to the society. However, the difficulty of obtaining entry permittion to Palestine, then its alternative in Amman, Jordan.

The participants are Palestinians who came as representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Palestinian Central Bank,  and other Palestinian institutions / agencies in Gaza and West Bank. The representatives of Palestinians in Amman also participated in the event.

Siti stated that the training is a form of concrete support in addition of political support that is consistently given towards the sovereign and independent of Palestinian state.

“Indonesia will continue its assistance to support the development of human resource of Palestine,” said Siti.

Within the framework of New Asian African Strategic Partnership (NAASP), Indonesian Government has an optimistic to realize the fulfillment of the commitment to train 1,000 Palestinians during the period of 2008-2013. Until the end of 2012, Indonesian government has facilitated 101 training activities for 842 Palestinians.

To support the achievement, the government has allocated $ 1.5 million in 2013, to finance activities in various sectors. In addition, Indonesia will host the Conference on Cooperation Among East ASIAN Countries for Palestinian Development (CEAPAD) II which will be held in February 2014, to garner  East Asian countries’ support to help Palestinian struggle. (T/P04/P03).

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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