Jakarta, 27 Rabiul Awal 1434/8 April 2013 (MINA) – Indonesian  Muslim Inspirator, Felix Y. Siauw, said Indonesian Muslimah are the target of destruction efforts by Islamophobic. The efforts are made by Islam’s enemies focusing on the 3F slogan (food, fashion, fun).

“The enemies of Islam who made Indonesian Muslimah as the target of destruction are full of calculation,” Felix told Mi’raj News Agency (MINA) in a Grand Launching of  “Hijab Syar’i Community” in Jakarta, Sunday afternoon (7/4).

he said Muslim woman (muslimah) would be easier as their ‘target’, she will automatically invite surroundings. “By targeting women, then she will bring her husband and children,” he said.

The man who is also a writer expressed his disappointment to Indonesia as a Muslim majority which became unfavorable-fashioned spot.

He took one ot example of having hijab (headscarf). According to the man who was born in Palembang, the hijab is not only important for the Muslimah’s idemtity, but it became an identification and solution of the 3F that has been  mainstream spot of Islam enemies ‘attacks’.

He noted that the damage and insecurity in Indonesia is the result of not applying muslim duties as the real identity.

Felix added that Indonesian Muslims should not be afraid to show their identity as a Muslim. It causes the country cannot be a good example for other Muslim countries.

Felix compared Indonesia and Malaysia which has less Muslim communities rather than Indonesia. “Malaysia could be a reference for other countries in Islamic lifestyle, such as halal certification,” he said.

To solve the lack of awareness, Felix gives a solutions by giving a right understanding to Muslimah about the importance of wearing hijab.

“Muslimah actually need hijab, but the lack of knowledge made them felt reluctant to wear it,” Felix explained.

Aisha Maharani, the founder of Halal Corner who also attended the Launching gave the solution for the problems. ” the parents can be the preceptor to their children by changing their mindset and awareness. It is a solution from me, “Aisha said in the interview. (L/P04/P03)

 Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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