Arab Group Says UNSC Reforms “Vital” for Fair Representation, Development

The Arab group’s representative and Advisor at Kuwait’s permanent delegation to the UN, Bader Al-Munaikh.

New York, MINA – Fair representation and development of the United Nations Security Council, UNSC, will only be achieved through reforms, WAM reported, citing the Arab group at a UN session.

The Arab group’s representative, Advisor at Kuwait’s permanent delegation to the UN, Bader Al-Munaikh said that discussions on reforms at the UN Security Council had continued for the last 24 years and now was the time to implement such reforms at the international institution to enable it to progress.

The current global status quo is very far from the ones in mid-1940s, said the Kuwaiti diplomat who affirmed, on the behalf of the Arab group, the importance of initiating reforms aimed involving more nations in the Security Council membership.

The process of veto should also be scrutinized and amended so that justice and fairness would prevail, Al-Munaikh was quoted by the Kuwaiti News Agency, KUNA, as saying. He indicated that several permanent members of the Security Council had abused the right to veto, preventing 15 out of 27 resolutions from passing in the last 20 years.

Resolutions were aimed at condemning Israeli acts against Palestinians; however, the resolutions were not passed due to veto, said Al-Munaikh.

He called for more open UNSC sessions and greater involvement of the international community in world affairs, stressing that the council and affiliated groups should be more transparent about their processes. (T/RS5/RS1)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)



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