A Conference of Imams from Various European Countries Reject Any Link Terrorism with Religion

Imams in Europe conclude conf. by sending a message of peace

Brussels, MINA – A conference of Imams from various European countries Saturday expressed their firm rejection of terrorism and extremism in all its forms and underlined that Islam has no connection whatsoever with terrorism.

“We here clearly declare our position as Imams that we reject anything that harms the human life whether in the house of Allah or in places of worship of non-Muslims. Terrorism has no relations with religion,” KUNA quoted General Secretary of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad Abdulallah Busuf as telling the conference.

Condemning the attack in the mosque during Friday prayers in Sinai in Egypt yesterday in which hundreds of people were killed and injured he said “this is an evidence that there is no relation of Islam with terrorism. The terrorists have no relations with Islam and they are not Muslims.”

“It is not possible for a Muslim to attack another Muslim and that during Friday prayers, and it is not possible for a Muslim to attack a Christian in the church or adherents of other faiths in their places of worship,” Busuf said.

He said that a very small percentage of the Muslim youth in Europe who is far from mosques and does not know Islam fall prey to extremism and fanaticism.

The vast majority of Muslims in Europe are free from extremism, he said, and called on Europe to grant the Imams the place that they deserve because they are the ones who can answer questions related to Islam in Europe.

Over 150 Imams from various European countries are meeting in the Belgian capital today to discuss ways to contribute effectively to the stability and promotion of living together in European societies.

Imams source of goodness

The conference titled “the Imamate in the European Context: Challenges and perspectives” is organised by the European Council of Moroccan Ulema.

President of the European Council of Moroccan Ulema, Al Tahir Al Tujkani, in his opening address said the success of the imams is a success for his society and for the people.

He said that in today’s meeting the Imams will express their hopes and challenges and in a brotherly atmosphere.

“The Imam must be a source of goodness, mercy and righteousness and be the source of security and stability in a society in which he lives,” said Al Tujkani.

He added that the role of Imam is not limited to the pulpit in the mosque but his role is much wider. The Imam is a counsellor in religious affairs and in social matters and issues, he stated.

In his message sent to the conference, Vice President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans said Muslims have an important place in Europe and stressed that Muslims are active partners in shaping the European society.

Jan Figel, the EU Special Representative for the freedom of religions also sent a message of support to the conference and underlined the right of Muslims to live in peace and security with their faith and traditions in Europe. (T/RS5/RS1)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)



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