Drought-Hit Morocco to Pray for Rain Friday

Moroccan King Mohammed VI calls for special Friday prayers to beseech Allah to bring rain to the drought-hit country.

Rabat, MINA – Moroccan King Mohammed VI on Wednesday called for special “Istisqa” prayers to be held on Friday as the country struggles with a prolonged period of drought.

Istisqa prayers are special prayers in which worshippers beseech Allah to bless them with rain.

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs announced that Istisqa prayers would be performed in mosques across the country on Friday morning, Anadolu Agency reported, citing the ministry in a statement.

In a Monday address in parliament, Agriculture Minister Aziz Akhannouch lamented the ongoing period of drought through which the country is passing.

He said rainfall in most agricultural parts of Morocco had recently fallen by a whopping 74 percent when compared to normal annual averages.

The minister went on to assert that the government had taken “measures” — he did not elaborate — aimed at offsetting damage to the local agriculture sector caused by inadequate rainfall. (T/RS5/RS1)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)



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