Moroccans Urge Government to Criminalize Normalization With Israel


Rabat, MINA – Dozens of Moroccan activists on Wednesday evening took to Rabat’s streets, urging their government to take a firm stance against normalization with the Israeli occupation.

The rally, staged by the Moroccan Coalition to Support Palestine and Resist Normalization (NGO), dovetails the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, marked on November 29, PIC reported.

The rally-goers chanted slogans and lifted banners condemning the Israeli crimes against the Palestinians. They further called on the Moroccan parliament and government to issue a law criminalizing all forms of normalization with Israel.

“The centenary of the notorious Balfour Declaration . . . 100 years of colonization . . . 100 years of resistance,” read a banner raised at the rally, reminding the world of Britain’s historical responsibility over the tragic fallouts of the pledge.

The rally comes just a few weeks after Israelis took part in an event held in Morocco, sparking furor in the country, with activists saying the event contravenes Morocco’s anti-normalization decision passed some 17 years ago. In 2000, Morocco shut the doors of the Israeli liaison office in Rabat.(L/R04/RS5)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)




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