Palestine’s Factions United and Ready for War With Israel

All Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip during a press conference in the Gaza on Tuesday (12/12). Photo: Aqsa Voice

Gaza, MINA – All factions in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday (12/12) held an emergency meeting, responding to the US President Donald Trump’s  unilateral decision in claiming Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The statement was read by representative of the movements in a press conference with the media, here’s the following statements:

  1. We view the US President Trump on Al Quds, as an ultimatum of war against the people of Palestina and violates the right of state. It is a heavy violation crossing the red line. At this moment, we state that Trump’s decision will never change facts of history, religion and law that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Palestine.
  2. We stress that intifada in defending Jerusalem is our strategic choice in facing the occupation. We call upon all of our brothers in the West Bank and Jerusalem to increase and develop their means and tools of resistance in facing the occupiers.
  3. We call for unity in creating a unified strategy within the Palestinian national scope in order to design the resistance program in facing the aggression of the occupiers to the people of Palestine and its holy site. As well as composing the strategy to address all of the occupation scheme made to liquidate the interest of Palestine.
  4. We convey our appreciation and respect to the world community from the arab or Islamic countries that condemn Trump’s decision. And we have pride in our martyrs.  And hope for a speedy recovery for the injured, as well as support the freedom of Palestinian prisoners inside the Israeli prison.
  5. We warn of the serious impact of Trump’s decision to the sovereignty of Palestine, and the Arab and Islamic countries.
  6. We the president of the Palestinian authority and the PLO to cancel their recognition of the zionist entity and state the failure of the Oslo agreement and to stop their peace negotiations with Israel and legalize every form of resistance on the occupied west bank.
  7. We demand the Arab league and the OIC to make a technical decision by viewing the occurring facts according to the will of the people. We also call for the severance of the diplomatic and economic relations with the zionist and the us as well as the expulsion of the us and the zionist ambassadors from the Arab and Islamic countries.
  8. We regret the visit made by the delegation of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the zionist area. We stress out that this visit is a stab that wounds the people of Palestine, our struggle and their sacrifice, and it does not in any case represent the aspirations of the Arab and Islamic communities.
  9. We ask for the patience and consistency of the people of Palestine, as well as the lifting of the Gaza Strip blockade.
  10. We ask the people of Palestine to be involved in all activities and movements in supporting alquds intifada.
  11. The resistance troop committee is always present in all of the events and movements of Intifada.
  12. We demand full accountability to the zionist for their aggression that they are holding against our people that has targeted the martyrdom of Hussein Nasrallah and Mustafa Sultan in Northern Gaza, and we warn that the zionist will pay a heavy price for our martyrs.(L/RE1/RA1/KD)


Miraj News Agency (MINA)



Journalist at Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)

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