Palestinians ‘Will Reject’ Any peace Plan proposed by US

Photo: Arab News

Paris, MINA – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warned the United States on Friday that his people will “no longer accept” any peace plan proposed by Washington.
The statement comes after a UN vote on Thursday overwhelmingly rejected a Donald Trump’s move to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Arab News reported.

“The United States has proven to be a dishonest mediator in the peace process and we will no longer accept any plan from the United States,” Abbas said.

The Palestinian leader was speaking at a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron who accused the US of “marginalising itself” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“The Americans have marginalised themselves and I am trying to not do the same thing,” Macron said, while also ruling out recognising a Palestinian state in the short term.

The US decision on December 6 broke with international consensus and unleashed protests across the Muslim world, prompting a flurry of appeals to the United Nations.

At an emergency session on Thursday, the UN General Assembly adopted the motion rejecting Trump’s decision by 128 votes to nine, with 35 abstentions.

Abbas welcomed Thursday’s vote, which he believes reflects the status of Jerusalem, as an “occupied territory under international law”.

“This decision reaffirms once again that the just Palestinian cause enjoys the support of international law, and no decision by any party can change the reality,” Abbas said in a statement.

The measure made it to the General Assembly after it was vetoed by the United States at the Security Council on Monday, though all other 14 council members voted in favour.(R/R04/P2)


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