Asma Jehma, The Only Thai Athletes to Wear Hijab on Test Event Asian Games 2018

Photo: Rayapos

Jakarta, MINA – Asma Jehma is the only Thai athletes to wear a hijab on Test Event Asian Games 2018 which is curently held in Jakarta from 8 to 15 February 2018.

The gold medalist in the Martial Arts team in the 2017 Sea Games, Malaysia said that she has been wearing hijab since her childhood.

“I was born in Pattani Province, Southern Thailand. I used to be an athletic athlete, but then introduced too Pencak Silat martial arts at the age of 15,” said Asma Jehma at Padepokan Pencak Silat Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), Jakarta, Friday (9/2), Asian Games 2018 bulletin reported.

In this event, Asma Jehma is not going to complete in the artistic category. She focuses on competing in Tanding (match) category.

“My opponents will be tough ones, especially an Indonesian contestant, Wewey Wita, a gold medalist at the SEA Games Malaysia in class B,” she added.

Although this is the first time for compete in this sport, she remains optimistic to compete in her best perfomance.

“My personal goal is to be called up for the Asian Games squad, so I have to do my best,” Asma stressed.(L/R04/RS5)

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