Palestinian Ambassador Supports the Expansion of Indonesian Hospital in Gaza

Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia, Zuhair Al Shoun. (Second from left) Photo: Rifa/MINA

Jakarta, MINA – Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia Zuhair Al-Shoun expressed his full support to the plan of the emergency humanitarian agency Indonesia Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C) to develop and make two additional floors of the Indonesian Hospital in the Gaza Strip and the construction of a new Indonesian Hospital in the West Bank, Palestine.

“I deeply appreciate this plan, the people of Indonesia have a great concern on the Palestinian people, health problems are the most important thing that is currently the focus of the Palestinian government,” Zuhair said when receiving the audience MER-C Team at the Palestinian Embassy, ​​Tuesday (13/2) .

Zuhair asserted, he is ready to help to communicate with the Minister of Health of Palestine. Jawad Awwad to discuss the hospital’s development plan.

To the Ambassador, member of the MER-C Presidium dr. Arief Rachman Sp.Rad. said the RSI development design for 3rd and 4th floors is being finalized by the MER-C architect team. The building area of ​​each floor is about 3,000 square meters so that for two floors the whole area will reach 6,000 square meters.

Like the previous construction undertaken by construction volunteers from Indonesia in 2015, this time MER-C also hopes to do the same.

Support and donations for the Development of Indonesian Hospital in Gaza Strip, Palestine can be channeled through: BCA, with account number 686.0153678; Bank Mandiri, 124,000,8111,925; BSM, 700.1352.061; BNI Syariah, 081.119.2973; BMI, 358.000.1720; and BRI, 033.501.0007.60308 a / n Medical Emergency Rescue Committee. (L/R04/RS5)

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