A High Hope and Great Expectations fort the Peacekeepers from the World

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Stockholm, MINA – It was a special day for peace loving nations in Stockholm. Indonesia, Brazil, Ethiopia and Sweden alongside SIPRI had a very constructive discussion on the preparation of a Seminar entitled: “Peacekeeping reform: making UN peace operations more fit for purpose”. This Seminar will be commenced in Stockholm, April 13, 2018.

Peacekeeping is not mentioned anywhere in the United Nations Charter.  But since the days of the UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld, peacekeeping has been the flagship of the United Nations activity. If he is alive today, Ambassador Hammarskjöld would certainly be pleased of Sweden’s assessment in developing ideas for women’s participation in peace and security.

According to a press statement of Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this event looks at UN peacekeeping reform by focusing on the topics of gender mainstreaming, the safety and security of peacekeepers and the peacekeeping budget. It hopes to build an ongoing efforts in New York, such as the open debate on of 28 March in the Security Council on “Collective Action to Improve UN Peacekeeping Operations”, and also feed into these continuing discussions.

Indonesian Ambassador Bagas Hapsoro mentioned that he has seen first-hand how peacekeepers make a real difference in people’s lives. “When conflicts rage, children are put out of school for years and family lives shattered until our peacekeepers come to restore peace and security”.

The planned Seminar will look at the role of peacekeeping and its future, analyzing successes and failures and posts news on the process of peacekeeping.

All these reasons have element of two-way interaction. Brazil, Indonesia and Ethiopia and Sweden believe that the Seminar in SIPRI is a collaborative activity. They are grateful that SIPRI has built its reputation and standing on competence, professional skills, and the collection of hard data and precise facts, rendering accessible impartial information especially on security, stability, and peace.

The Seminar is aimed to attract participants from the international communities in Stockholm, representatives of relevant international organizations, academic institutions, civil society organizations (CSOs), and journalists. The Seminar will feature prominent speakers representing experts on religious conflict; advocators for moderation, historians, as well as think-tanks and journalists.(R/R04/RS5)


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