EU: We Will Continue Support to Resilience of the Syrian Population

Brussels, MINA – The European Union called on all parties Thursday for the immediate and full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2401 demanding a ceasefire without delay, KUNA reportd.

EU High Representative Federica Mogherini in a Declaration on behalf of the 28-member Union called on Russia, Iran and Turkey fulfil their obligations and responsibilities as Astana guarantors.

The declaration noted that seven years ago, what began as a peaceful demonstration in the midst of the promise of the so-called Arab Spring quickly became a full-scale civil war in Syria that has left more than 400 000 people dead, more than 11 million displaced and close to 19 million Syrians in need of assistance.

Neighbouring Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey struggle to cope with the largest exodus in recent history,

“The regime’s merciless violence and brutal war against its own people has not only led to civil war, chaos and destruction, it also paved the way to the rise of extremism and terrorist groups such as Da’esh and Al-Nusra,” it said.

“Saving lives in Ghouta and everywhere in Syria as well as protecting civilians must be paramount.

UNSC resolution 2401 is the international community’s unanimous response to address the violence and deteriorating humanitarian situation throughout Syria, ” the declaration stressed.

“But it remains largely unobserved due to the continued ground offensive and aerial bombardment, as well as the deliberate targeting of civilians and medical infrastructures in Eastern Ghouta by the regime, supported by Russia and Iran.

A political solution can only be achieved through a genuine and inclusive political process that meets the democratic aspirations and needs of the Syrian people in line with relevant UNSC Resolutions, it said.

“The EU will continue to support the resilience of the Syrian population. In opposition held areas the local administrative structures will continue to profit from the EU support.

Syria has to be brought back together as a sovereign and undivided country,” it underlined.

“In this regard, the EU will be ready to assist in the reconstruction of Syria, only once a comprehensive, inclusive and genuine political transition is firmly in place, ” it added. (T/RS5/RS1)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)



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